Does the Bill of Rights protect all people or just American citizens?

I’m curious what you all think on this? In particular, in the area of illegal immigration and “enemy combatants” (note that I did not say “prisoners of war”).

It is my contention, based on the reading of the founding documents, that the Bill of Rights protects the rights of everyone, not just our own citizens. The rights it protects are called “unalienable” by our Founding Fathers in many documents, letters and speeches, meaning they are part of us. They are Rights we are born with, “endowed by their Creator” as the Declaration of Independence puts it.

So, if “all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights”, doesn’t that mean that the Bill of Rights in the Constitution protect the rights of “all men” (women included) from infringement by our government and not just those born under our flag?

What do you say?

Are you implying that BoR’s protect anyone anywhere?

Or are you talking about American soil?

And if so their are provisions for non citizens.

Is the Declaration of Independence part of the Bill of Rights?

Separate document.

No, what I’m saying is that our Government should follow the Bill of Rights in all cases, regardless of citizenship.

So should our goverment enforce civil liberties in China? And if so what do you think our goverment should do about it. Because clearly their civil rights are being violated.

How about Iran or Russia?

If they are here legally, they are protected by the law.

Oh no,there goes the new neighborhood.


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The bill of rights apply to individuals under U.S. territories.

We can’t control the actions of another country. Only our own.

But not by the BOR? Are they not also born with unalienable rights?

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I agree.

But if they are in this country they have to abide by our laws. If they violate those laws then their rights are forfeited upon their day in court.

Take those immigrants that’s trying to seek political asylum. They will be given a court date. If they don’t show up they give up their rights to remain in the country.

So once they’re caught they need to be sent home without passing go.

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The Bill of Rights protects everyone on American soil and stops at it’s borders. Let’s say you’re an American and I’m an American LEO. And let’s say I’m investigating you for some kind of criminal activity, but I can’t seem to find any hard evidence. Then I find out you own a ski cabin in Canada. So one day I take a road trip up there, break into your cabin without a warrant, break open your filing cabinet, and find all kinds of evidence of your criminal empire. I can then bring that evidence back to the US and use it against you. You have no 4th Amendments rights in Canada. I could also be charged with breaking and entering in Canada, but we’ll worry about that another day.


Who are “the people”?