Does Spirituality Come From Within, Or Is It Added On?

I’ve started reading one of the books for my Spirit Empowered Living course that starts on Wednesday, and something caught my eye. It was a phrase about most people thinking that spirituality is added on to a person’s personality, but in reality, it comes from within.

What do you think?

Spirituality is an awareness and recognition of the greater existence within and around us. The more you explore, the more you acknowledge or deny. It’s not a personality trait, it’s a choice ranging from absent of to lifestyle. My opinion.

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Spirituality is a bit of a vague term. In the dry sense, spirituality is a collection of emotions, conceptions and experiences revolving around one’s “connection” to the world at large. So, spirituality’s specific ways of manifesting definitely have a tight link to ones own personality - how they enable it, how they process it, and to what degree they draw conclusions from it.

Ultimately though, I think mysticism and spirituality is just a complex emotion / experience like everything else. It stands out because the emotions / experiences tend to be in context with big questions no one seems able to truly answer.

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My opinion is that it does come from within.

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The capacity to feel spiritual (that word would require a lot of time to unpack) is innate, but how it is structured/expressed is equally a measure of outside influences.


This is slightly off-topic, but how can one differentiate between choice and personality traits?

Every choice someone makes is determined, at least in part, by their personality.

In the sense that spirituality causes positive emotions in people - and allows them to find comfort in answers to questions we haven’t figured out yet - I believe spirituality does in fact come from within.

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It comes from within, and with such an origin, one must always be diligent that one’s spirituality does not take you away from the truth.

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