Does Joe Biden Drive?

Imagine JB getting behind the wheel of a car, embarking on a 15 min stop-n-go drive in traffic.

Will he arrive at his destination in 1 fluid motion or will he become as confused as he has often been in front of the cameras for 15 mins?
Would you still vote for him?

(Would he become a road rage addict if someone cuts him off or when other drivers honk their horns at his hesitancy to make the correct turn at a stop sign? He can get quite angry when challenged=dog faced pony soldier.)

Awesome thread, perfectly placed in politics. Well done!

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Imagine damn you! I said imagine!!!


i could think of better ways to state he’s in obvious cognitive decline.

but let’s read the thread which will now be all about trump

Is this a Math problem ?

Imagine Joe Biden trying to fight a wild squirrel. Does he get a punch in? Does he fall down?

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Is it a Republican squirrel?

Imagine Joe Biden walking on a ramp…


It tried to say it was a liberal but don’t be fooled, it was a lib squirrel.

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RINO - rodent in name only

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depends. is there actually a squirrel?

imagine him not knowing about roaches and not loving to bounce the kids on his lap

Imagine all the people…

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Imagine him with a bad combover.

Imagine Joe Biden hadn’t been in politics for the last 40 years

See i was going to go with that but that seemed like low hanging fruit

Be better! :crazy_face:

oooh reduced to base physical insults of the man’s appearance

how delishishly leftist

Samantha bee call your office!!

And to think, you had a chance to ask if it was an African squirrel or a European squirrel…


Hey - if you want to talk about Trump fighting squirrels with combovers take it to the TDS thread!

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