Does Jerry Brown cause drought?

Just had to ask after living through two of his admins, and both were plagued with drought that stopped once he got out of office. Come to think of it we had bad fires back then too. So, don’t elect him to national office… He’s bad luck…

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Look at this… More proof Brown’s a Jonah…

" Sierra Snowpack Balloons to 136% of Normal Amid Series of Storms"

Last year…----------------------------------------------------------This year

It’s Cali man, the Dem Politicians are bad in general for it.

Yeah man, like totally. All that pot probably doesn’t help the air over there.
Plus the bodily fluids and defecating in the streets probably
doesn’t help with the smell, cleanliness, and overall happiness
in California.

Than again, the Liberal Politicians have millions
of dollars, so they can live wherever they want, cause most
problems over there, and then whine about it, and ask America
for more money to fix the problems that they’ve created. lol.