Does Giuliani have dementia?

I’ve been wondering. He behaves very much like he is suffering from dementia. His overwhelming obsession with conspiracy theories isn’t normal. It appears he doesn’t seem to have anybody who cares about him. More unfortunate, is the number of numbnuts who listen to his rants as facts.
Anyone else think the same?

Both him and Trump.

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When you live in the Fox News bubble where up is down and lies are truth, I imagine it can be easy to get turned around with how much nonsense you are expected to juggle all at once. Trump has told something like 13,000 lies or misleading statements since he announced his candidacy. Eventually the lies become your reality and you can no longer distinguish the difference.


Cool. You all are doctors I take it? Or can only liberals diagnose people?

I dunno. Maybe we should ask all of the people who claimed Hillary Clinton was dying because she had heat stroke on a hot day or had a cough during flu/allergy season.


Funny… I thought the typical liberal response was “are you a doctor?”

At least you’re no different than those people.

I’m not a doctor. I think most people would agree Giulliani’s behavior is erratic and strange, as is most of what we see from his boss. The cause of this behavior isn’t really of a huge concern to me. The fact that they are acting this way while having any control over the present and future of our country and it’s policies certainly does.

So dementia it is. Thanks for the diagnosis, doctor.

Did I say somewhere that he had dementia? I specifically stated I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter why he is acting the way he is.

Well, he’s the personal lawyer for a man who was withholding funding to Ukraine to help them fight the Russians while Ukrainians soldiers are getting killed and wounded ever day so that they would investigate his political rival AND a crazy altright conspiracy DNC server theory. So it makes sense Giuliani would have to be into conspiracy theories as part of his job.


No he has a flask of Early Times bourbon in his inner suit coat pocket.


Everything Giuliani is doing is normal. Libs might be too simple minded to understand, but Giuliani is being an excellent lawyer for Donald Trump. You have to remember that it’s not a conspiracy theory if it’s true, and we all know the Ukraine DNC server thing is true because Donald Trump wants it to be true.


He’s just a drunk. This is not exactly a secret in political circles.


I have been wondering that same thing about Barr. Is he doing these investigation trips because he believes the theories or is he just appeasing Trump?

I don’t care.

And no, I don’t think he has any loved ones around who care either.

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It could be or it could be Alzheimers he reminds me of Biden in terms of forgetting a lot.

I’m not a proctologist, but I’m pretty sure trump is an ■■■■■■■■ I’ll wait for an official diagnosis to confirm though.


You don’t need a doctor to notice a gaping head wound, even when it’s metaphorical.


Omg that’s funny. I nominate for post if the day.


I refuse to grant either of them the excuse of mental illness. They’re both willfully ignorant attention seeking corrupt greedy narcissistic cynical pandering monsters.

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