Does Free Will Make Us Gods?

Free will is the ability to make a choice outside of other influence. Otherwise, why call it “free”? If so, that means (if one believes free will) that our will is a cause with no cause. Does this mean we are Gods?


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In an essence, yes since their is no biblical god.

I’m interested to hear why. I’m on the fence…just in pure philosophical terms. Idk if I believe we have free will. But IF we did…

Why do you think we don’t have free will?

Is an uncaused cause necessarily a “God” attribute? Bible aside…

Since there is no higher being guiding our actions, yes. We are free to chart our own paths.

I’m not ready to make an assertion either way, but here are thoughts which give me doubts:

  1. Biology and chemistry directly affect how we think. Both legal and illegal drugs affect our ability to make choices and how we make judgements about those choices.

  2. Free will necessitates an entity disconnected from physical reality and thus the body. Yet, all of our perceptions of free will arise from a physical body.

  3. I cannot define free will in any non physical sense, with no physical bindings or relations.

Is “will” limited? If so, does that make it unfree? Example: I cant “will” myself to sleep right now.

We are tied to our physical bodies and the needs they present, that’s true. However, absent the basic necessities of them, we are free to think and act as we like. It’s true that some people are physically or mentally handicapped and that prevents limitations as well. As for the drug aspect, we are free to take or reject any drugs we like.

I originally interpreted your question in a metaphysical sense.

It’s an open subject I guess. My hangups is on your second statement:

If we can be bound to the necessities of our body how does that make it “free”?

Free versus predetermination.

Hmm. Free to try? But not free to succeed maybe?

No one succeeds?

Some do some dont. Sort of like… everyone has a free will in the abstract, but not the freedom to make that will a reality.

Think Matrix scene stopping bullets in air

It depends on your definition of God.

To me God is someone who creates all things. Is omnipotent and omnipresent. Since humans are not that, we are not God, or even gods.

That’s not to say we don’t have a godhead inside ourselves - the ability to reach perfection.

That’s a good point. The word “God” is thrown around with fuzzy meaning. Does an uncaused caused necessitate a label of “God”?

This may be a rather large brush for me to pick up, but I will go out on a limb and say those that hold to a biblical-world view will not define free will in this manner. Free will, as you have defined it, does not exist in this universe for humans.

Sure you can, it all depends on your worldview. If you believe in the supernatural then volition could be connected to that reality. Let me give you another example. In this sentence “you” (do YOU really exist) used the word I. By doing so don’t you to some extent presuppose that there is something about you that is independent of matter, energy and natural law (what really is natural law and why does it exist)? Here’s a question, did Ted Bundy HAVE to do what he did to all those young women or did he have a choice?