Does everyone agree that having completely and legally Open Borders would be the most compassionate form of immigration policy?

Often in these discussions people bring up the statement on the Statue of Liberty, or how people are just coming for a better life. So for those who emphasize such factors do you believe that would be the best and most compassionate means of immigration policy? Full citizenship for any and all in the world who want to come to America? If I understand that sentiment correctly I would assume that is what you would favor and support?

why should immigration policy be “compassionate”?

I’m not arguing that it “should be” but that having legally Open Borders “would be” such and whether or not some here would support that.

I actually would favor shutting them to immigration for a decade or more, along with deporting every last illegal alien no matter their circumstances.


I’d say that anyone who thinks that way, open the doors to your home, provide a place to live and food if the strangers that come don’t have any and actually do with your personal resources, what you expect us all to do, with “our” resources.

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If they voted for Biden, they support it. Every single Democratic presidential candidate pledged support for “Medicare for the World” during the primary debates - the DNC made their position on the issue extremely clear.


Not true. There are all kinds of issues in a Presidential race, IF I only voted for a candidate that I agree with 100 percent of the time, I wouldn’t be able to vote.

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I would assume that all Democrat politicians and Democrat voters have adopted children from these various countries and likely live well below their means so as to send much of their income to these countries.


that would be cultural appropriation… heavily frowned upon. much better to demand you do it with your money and their largess with it.

From the article:

The conservative American Action Forum, or AAF, has argued that it would take 20 years to accomplish a mass deportation program, with a full cost between $420 billion and $620 billion.

Beyond being prohibitively costly and morally unsustainable, removing so many individuals from the country—and from the labor force—would devastate the nation: The Bipartisan Policy Center calculates that deporting all unauthorized immigrants would shrink the labor force by 6.4 percent over two decades, which AAF estimates would decrease U.S. gross domestic product, or GDP, by a full $1.6 trillion.

On the flip side, putting unauthorized immigrants on a pathway to citizenship—which two-thirds of Americans support—would add a cumulative $1.2 trillion to GDP over a decade, increase the earnings of all Americans by $625 billion, and create an average of 145,000 new jobs each year.

If these numbers are correct then I don’t think your idea is practical at all.

The American birth rate isn’t high enough for that.

You could maybe get there if you subsidized day care, upped the child tax rate, mandated maternity leave, etc, etc, etc.

So you would view open borders and automatic citizenship as an economic windfall?

Nope. I have never been for open borders. And there should be a path for citizenship. Never make it automatic.

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There is a path to citizenship. It is spelled out in our laws on immigration.


Yes there is. The only issue I have with it is that it takes an average of 15 months. It would be nice if we could do something to decrease that time frame.

That’s all fine and good- but unless being in the country illegally becomes a felony with immediate deportation after there’s a pathway, we’ll just be back in the same spot at some point in the future. There has to be consequences for being here illegally. Serious consequences.

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15 months is excessive for becoming a citizen of what to a given person is a foreign country? You mean 15 years, don’t you?


Citizenship to those who are here illegally and did not enter legally is an invitation to, well, what is happening at our southern border now…

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15 years to become a citizen?

No paper work should take that long. That entire department should be abolished b4 u start it.

At least 40% of illegals come in legally and then overstay their visas. We have never done enough to find those folks. It took Trump three years to believe that fact and do something about it.