Does Donnie Trump even know what is going on in the Mideast or with the soldiers?

Does Donnie even know what is going on in the Mideast, or what the troops are doing? Or is he just casually lying as usual?

Normally I would say lying, but now I think he is just completely ignorant.

Here is my newspaper this morning.


Ignorant or lying? It’s one or the other. It’s not something something something else. And neither is acceptable.

That some people think this is ok is depraved.

We are a ridiculous people.

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Many are becoming numb to it. It takes too much energy to process sometimes.


He is a compulsive liar.

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This kind of crap should be unacceptable to every American. We should expect more from our president.

But ok Republicans. Limply shrug and look away.

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There is no contradiction there. He didn’t say he was bring home Troops from Iraq. And why no links to the articles?

Dems for never ending wars…

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Hes not bringing the troops home from Syria either. So either our troops live in Iraq or that’s a contradiction

stupid libz! there are no troops in syria. lolzlllzzlzllz

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I think it’s some of each. I am sure he has no idea what’s going on, and glazes over when someone smarter trues to explain it. He is also lying as he goes to cover his tracks. Plus, I think he’s threatening Lindsay Graham with something:

The media is full of stories that our Troop are leaving syria…

so they’re coming home?

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We know they’re leaving Syria, the dispute is whether they are going home like Trump says they are

NARRATOR: They aren’t

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Nit pick… but have fun with it…

That Mark Esperanto is a liar.


no, he’s just a nit-picker.

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Obama was always expanding wars… I guess the dems like that…

Is Iraq “home”?

I am more concerned about that Headline MVP worthy. He had a great game against a poor defense. I think that your news paper writes a lot of misleading headlines…By the way. Bears fan…

I too agree. I don’t think he realizes that they are not coming home…they are just being re-positioned which I think is something entirely different.

What oil???

I’m sure some will come Home after they get to Iraq. The question, is do you want them to come home from never ending wars?

John Barron exposed him as a Deep State agent.

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