Does COH Extend off the Forum?

If a poster makes disparaging comments about Hannity and this site and perhaps some of the posters on lets say facebook or twitter, if their real life ID can be connected to their Username here could they be banned?

Depends. We’ve banned one poster for posting hateful things outside the forum. But I think it was on Sean’s FB page, so it was deemed contemptuous due to the severity and connection of both being Sean’s platforms.

Personally, I don’t think it should make a difference where you post outside of here. You have rules here for a private forum and that’s fine. Those rules shouldn’t extend to FB or elsewhere.

That makes sense if its on Seans FB page but I agree with mad outside of that should not matter

You answered my question so feel free to lock this thread.

Again, it shouldn’t matter wherever, including Sean’s FB page. You can delete the comment on Sean’s page (and if I moderated that page, that would be what I’d do), but banning someone here is, in my view, uncalled for.

Not your call.

Recently some received leanthy time out’s for comments about the forum and suggestions on what to do to the forum . . . . and no it wasn’t here on this forum. Completely and 100% justified. But on FB or Twitter ouside of the hannity pages on FB or his page in twitter . . . for the most part no. But if it’s a call to attack the board and your a member here . . . . expect NOT to be a member any longer.