Does California really need 30 million more people?

This was from Thanksgiving eve. How many more do they want to squeeze in?

No … What California needs is about 30 million fewer people.

What are they at now … about 40 million? Even with 10 million, it would be a well populated State.

"The paved paradise and put up a parking lot … "

No but I think we need at least a dozen more hyperbolic threads on this subject.

Will you oblige us?


Never understood why trump supporters care so much about Cali, especially since they don’t live here.


This is why I support public transportation.

Cool. Then I will help you understand. I used to live in California. And as you know it is spectacular. I really don’t think I would like it more if they carved more of it up with interstates, on ramps and strip malls to accommodate 30 million more people. Is that better?

Yep. Will the Big Sur area be better after it is paved?

Cool. You let us worry about that.

California and New York need to export their “extra” liberals to Texas! :rofl:


Cool. You’re answer seems to be unlimited population growth. Pave everything in sight. I respectfully disagree. You let me decide what should or should not concern me. Fair enough?

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Tell you what.

You provide a model of economic growth that works with zero or declining population growth, and I’ll sign on.


are you going to pass a law forbidding people from living there?

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Oh. The old population pyramid scheme.

Tell me a land mass that can take an infinite growth of humanity without facing destruction.


Good…you get it.

Now…instead of just assuming what you thought I said…take it to the next level.

You think America is running out of land?

No. I would start by not bringing two million additional people into our country every year. It’s not sustainable. A more reasonable number might be about 500,000.

We used to get a lot of California expats here in Seattle but that has slowed down since the housing boom here which is slowing down the last few months. They still flow into Portland though, although the majority go to Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. I read recently Boise Idaho is getting a bunch.

I thought this was a necropost but guess we will get this thread ever major driving Holiday

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Or just fly. Doesn’t cost much

The left can finally start filling up all that empty fly over rural area of the map that is all red that Republicans love throwing up the jpeg of from time to time. No more “coastal elites”