Does ANYONE really believe

That Trump will actually be removed from office? That the Republican controlled Senate will vote for that, given the outright lies that gave been thrown at Trump?

Think about it. Even before he took office, the Democrats had already targeted him for the biggest witch Hunt in political history. Maxine Waters began calling for impeachment from day one he took office.

Trump had some things going for him that no other candidate ever had, namely that he was not a Washington politician. His promise was to drain the swamp and that scared the hell out of BOTH sides of the political aisle. He made other promises too and has been working to fulfill them. Point is, he built enough of a base to get him elected despite the odds, and the political machine trying to keep him out.

Does ANYONE believe he is going to lose his base over the lies put forth by Democrats? In the other hand, were any never Trumpers ever going to vote for him, no matter what he did or does?

His base is cheering him on in exposing the multiple felonies and abuses of power committed under and by Obama and his regime. We want SOMEONE to be held accountable, it won’t be Obama, Hillary, Holder, Lynch, Comey, Mueller, Strick or Page or anyone at the IRS or any other departments weaponized and used against Republicans, conservatives or anyone deemed a threat to the powers that be. We’ll settle for bringing down Joe, and watching him dodder off into the sunset of senility.

The thing that Democrats are hoping for is to sway enough independents and undecideds to go and pull that lever for left wing whack job Warren. I don’t see that happening. Do you?

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Second question:

Does anyone actually believe the Biden’s kid wasn’t influence peddling on his dads name in China and Ukraine?

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Hes got two Senate votes against him in the name of Romney and Collins. Give him a little more time to tweet


The bar is apparently very high given the corruption of Mitch McConnell. But I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Trump’s stupidity. And I think he’ll end up being his own worst enemy.

Does anybody honestly believe trump’s kids aren’t name peddling for influence? Or McConnell s wife? Or rand Paul? I’ve even done it once or twice.

I don’t think the case against him is yet strong enough for the republican senate, but dribs and drabs are coming out steadily. I don’t think the possibility can be ruled out. Trump is a piece of crap and an obvious authoritarian who is perfectly capable of the kinds of actions that could turn the senate against him. He may well have already committed such actions.

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The Ukrainians don’t. That means more than Trump’s circus in his head.

No this is nothing but political masturbation on the part of the democrats to undermine his reelection chances.


Which ones? The fired ones, the replacement ones, or the current ones?

No comment on the 1+ billion given to Hunter by the bank of China?

I would gladly have seen McConnell go, but he got smart, saw where the political winds were blowing and decided to support Trump. I think the fact that Trump doesn’t back down, right or wrong, has convinced enough Republicans to fight back too instead of giving in like they have always done in the past. If Trump can keep them from surrendering their recently found spines, he will not only stay in office, but sail into re-election.

I don’t think much of Mitch but you are right, he has for the most part at least done the right thing since Trump was elected.

That’s one thing Trump has done, gotten enough establishment Republicans to support his agenda. They may not like it, but I think they will go along with him. Much more to lose if someone worse than Obama gets elected.

I think they just finally accepted his election and decided to put their personal dislke for the man aside for the good of the country.

I’m also pretty sure the ass kicking the republicans suffered in the 2018 congressional elections had something to do with it as well since that pretty well is where the obstruction ended.

Pseudo Republicans at best. I don’t think Trump’s tweets will turn any of the Senate against him, it would take hard evidence of an actual crime, not the usual he said, she said partisanship we have gotten used to.

Yeah, it’s not going to happen. It would take a 2/3 majority in The Senate to convict and barring some actual evidence he committed crimes there’s simply no possibility of that happening.

I didn’t take the last round of elections as a bell weather. Usually the party in power does lose seats and there were more Republicans up for re-election too. I think the Democrats will still underestimate Trump, thinking they are damaging him badly, while the Republicans will see the support Trump still has and keep supporting him.

I’m not yet convinced the house will go through with it. They still haven’t voted and it has to gall the veterans to be taking cues from the likes of Nutzio-Cortez and her squad of idiots. It’s political suicide for them.

I don’t. Trump will serve out his term(s).

True, but in this case the republicans took a huge beating largely because they had failed to keep their promises and support the president’s agenda on which they all rode his coattails.

Millions of republicans sat the election out and more than enough of the dem’s and independents that had supported Trump bailed as well and/or voted democratic in the congressional elections hence the huge swing in many of the districts/states Trump won that suddenly went to or back to democratic control.

That was one hell of a strong message to every republican in congress to cut the crap and get on board or they’d be next.

Think he will get re-elected?