Does anyone here believe that we can eliminate ALL fossil fuel use in 12 years?

Speaking with Anderson Cooper in a “60 Minutes” interview scheduled to air Sunday, Ocasio-Cortez said a dramatic increase in taxes could support her “Green New Deal” goal of eliminating the use of fossil fuels within 12 years"

My feeling has always been that even under the best circumstances it would likely take a good 30-50 years to substantially reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, but also realizing that they would never go away completely at least until ALL fossil fuel resources on our planet have been completely exhausted. Regarding eliminating fossil fuels, is there even any conceivable technology out there to power aircraft without fossil fuels? Powering ships albeit more possible but not anytime soon. Wind and solar both have limitations, and so there would also have to be a strong commitment to nuclear power, which many on the left eschew. Regarding electric vehicles it is my understanding that the batteries in those vehicles require certain rare earth elements, which could mean that there would be limit on how many those we could use. Curious on others thoughts

Absolutely not.

The only way that would happen that quick would be if humanity lost its collective mind and decided to wage a complete global nuclear war. You wouldn’t see too much fossil fuel use after that catastrophe.

It will take a century or more to completely move us off of fossile fuels. And that’s assuming we find alternatives for every single thing we use it for.

I do think we could move away from ICE powered cars and light trucks in a reasonably small time frame. Electric cars have come a long way in just a few years. Personally I think ICE powered vehicles will go the way of the dodo in the next 40 years just from market forces.

Yes, the left tried radial economic change 100 years ago… Nearly 100 died, and billions starved and were tortured. Many leftist still think this was a good thing.

No, fossil fuels will never be eliminated as long as Big Oil is a special interest and a donor to candidates.

In theory, it may take 15 to 20 years. However, realistically the big oil stakeholders will squeeze that orange to the very last drop. As long as billions can be made they will lobby/bribe the president and congress to vote their way and lift regulations. Innovation, clean energy and the environment be damned. When it comes to oil, money trumps EVERYTHING including human lives.


Well Shell is trying to link executive pay to targets in carbon emissions reductions.they, Shell, have stated in the past their aim to transition to alternate energy

The only reason we have almost 8 billion people on this planet is because of oil driven farming and distribution.

New ICE are so clean burning the urgency to switch to electric is lessened considerably.

I think urban commuting in south and west is best suited for electric vehicles. Weather in other areas will require gas engines for a long time.

Best case scenario is 20 to 40% of market in 20 to 30 years.

and people want to be warm in winter…

Yes, in the north most of the battery life would go to heating the interior of the car to keep the driver warm in winter…

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The range of modern electric cars is such that even the rural populace would have no major problems.

20-30 years from now, transportation isn’t going to look much like it does now in any respect.

Such an old cliche… " Big Oil"… People like driving and heating their homes.

Battery discharge produces its own heat source, actually. The range penalty exists but it’s not dramatic up here.

There are other ways, albeit expensive.

If you ever watch this program, this season they are in Rhode Island, where they are using energy from the earth and sun to keep their house warm during the winter.

From what I understand, geo thermal is more efficient, though the up front cost is prohibitive.

It won’t be so very different.


What we have works.

Urban rush hours are bad and this is what will need the most work with a combination of mass transit and improvements on efficiency.

Many highways have evolved from footpaths over hundreds of years. Different and not so different.


It works? Not sure I agree. Thousands of highway deaths doesn’t “work” for me.

The hidden pollution of battery production and electric generation will become not so hidden as market share grows.

It is a nice companion to petroleum, but not an alternative.


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Billions of people fed and clothed and learning and producing…Works.


The nice thing about electric cars is that they are simple. So, maintenance is about zero compared to ICE. I don’t think they are really viable until we get better battery technology than lithium. Strip mining lithium is worse than fracking, and how much lithium is there anyway?

Also fossil fuels are burned to produce the electricity, which is sent through miles of wires, so losses from resistance. and then used to charge batteries, another loss of efficiency. Then you only get 300 miles, if you own a Tesla.

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