Does anyone else think Ben Sasse might challenge Trump in 2020?

He was quite negative towards Trump on Jake Tapper this morning- he said "“We need to have a president who celebrates the First Amendment and not pretends that beating up a reporter is okay.”and “No, it’s not okay,” Sasse said. “But I do think it’s sort of baked into the president’s stock price, that sort of this amoralistic take he has…”

I haven’t heard any other republican take it that far. Plus he just wrote a new book about civility in politics. Hmmm.

I hope he does. I’d vote for him.

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Ten. Charles

I think he is definitely planning on it and I hope he does.

He also said "but most people just think well that’s kind of how the president talks. We need to do better than that” and has apparently offered to debate Sean Hannity, who called the senator a “con artist and a phony.”

“Con artist and phony” - that’s interesting. I happen to know a sitting president who fits that description to a “t.”


As would I. Or Pence.

Speaking of which, where we at on 'peaching Trump?

I believe we’re still at “never going to happen as long as Republicans keep supporting him”

As far as I know there are no plans in progress - but I’m just an average ordinary citizen, so I wouldn’t know.

I would think they would need to make a determination on whether any high crimes or misdemeanors have taken place before anything like that would happen

Sasse is a flaming lib who hates America. Why would anyone run against Trump? Trump has the best delegates. The biggest delegates.

Kind of super delegates?

Super duper delegates.

Ah, cool. Thanks.

Ben seems to be a nice guy which is why he needs more experience with DC politicians and to come out on top, before I’d vote for him as POTUS.

That didn’t stop you from voting for Trump

edit: never mind I just saw the nice guy qualifier. Not even his family says that of Trump

There’s a lot of Republicans out there who talk a lot of smack about Donald, but when push comes to shove (or tweet comes to insult, as it were) they pull a Ted Cruz.


That would have come off better if you had said “when push comes to body slam”.


I label these as establishment politicians and they’re on both sides of the aisle…united in dividing us.

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Yep. They play political football with issues never wanting a solution.

No! Hillary!!