Does 97% of Climate Scientists Agree With Ocosio-Cortez?

Sooooooooo….we are all going to DIE in 12 years if we don’t adopt her “New Green Deal”? Inquiring minds want to know!

It would totally destroy the economy, but who cares as long as we become a socialist hole like Venezuela, huh? (That’s the REAL goal)

The green new deal is really not so new, it’s just another way to bring socialism to America. They will try anything, including destroying the economy. The global warming hoax was invented just for that reason.

Here is the reality of the situation.

If humanity continues to peddle out carbon dioxide at levels which keep us on the sustained level of warming we are on, there are likely going to be drastic consequences down the line. Does anyone know for sure when they will be? No.

But it is also true that the majority of the older generation doesn’t appear to give a **** because it is a problem that will not hurt them personally. Just as they have presided over the fleecing of the economy over the last generation or two with little thought given to the long term consequences, they have also supported the pillaging and destruction of the planet. They don’t care because when it becomes time to actually pay the piper for these problems they created they will be dust in the ground.


You need to take her seriously not literally…

Ooooohhh. Socialism. Do we have to learn Spanish?

Spoken like a true socialist! The prior generations didn’t pillage, it invented, saved the world from dictators, created vaccines, & brought a nation of farmers the modern world. We could have taken over the world, instead we ran out those who wanted to, & gave them their countries back. We have had more power than any nation ever, & used it with more restraint than any nation in our position ever. This HOAX is insane, & the solution, even if it was true about global warming, wouldn’t even come close to fixing it. You are mis-educated & don’t know how to appreciate what you have been given. Before what we created most people here lived to the age of 38, was riddled with diseases, lived in poverty, & sometimes had plagues that wiped out a 3rd to half the world’s known population in a short period of time. YOU go back to the horse & buggy, or I guess farther, to caves, since we shouldn’t have horses or cows!

Anyone who doesn’t take her AGENDA seriously is going to be destroyed by it.

Maybe, well, we will have to learn the Venezuela crash & burned economy, starvation, & police state part.

This obsession from Trump worshipers with AOC is hilarious. I didn’t care who she was until people started foaming at the mouth about anything and everything she does.

AOC is cool.

Those obsessed are the left, with Trump, day one starting to come up with a way to impeach him or bring fake crimes with fake dossiers to investigate him.