Dodgers trade Puig, Kemp and Wood to the Reds

Call me floored… I still don’t believe I read this… they’re nuts. But then I’m no Dodgers fan either.

They are nuts! The trades that the Reds make usually involve off loading superstars for AAA prospects. (Aroldis Chapman, Brandon Phillips, Johnny Cueto etc.) It looks like they finally made a decent deal.

Cash dump. Los Doyers want Bryce.

Good point. I hope hope hope they don’t get him.

They’ll probably go after Corey Kluber from Cleveland and then Bryce. I’ll put money on it.

Good, horrible trade for LA. Getting Homer Bailey, he was such a flop. Yes, they saved some money. Homer Bailey 1-14 6.09 ERA as opposed to Alex Woods, 9-7, 3.68 ERA. Kemp is old but still decent & getting rid of Puig hurts them. Unless the minor leaguers turn out very good, it is a bad trade, good.