Dobbs watch thread (Row v Wade Overturned)

Which would be after the which trimester?

Remember when that extensive report came out on the Southern Baptist Church and the abuse scandal and how the abused girls were asked to forgive their abusers and in some cases get abortions to cover for all the abuse and literally nothing happened?

yeah… me too.

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Well, I hadn’t thought of it that way. A lazy or drunken women has unprotected sex leading to an unwanted pregnancy. Then she does the “responsible thing” and erases the evidence so she doesn’t have to interrupt her lifestyle?

Hell, never mind then.

Objectively, we should all support abortion on demand.

No. I don’t.

what? nah…

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Mmm mmm mmmm

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Yeah, and @Jezcoe.

There were few wwg1 posts sprinkled here in 2018 when it was at its height.

I don’t know who that is, but yeah, there were a few. Maybe @TommyLucchese, but that could be just followership.

Stop the steal.



Then don’t get an abortion.

Don’t bear arms.

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dont get pregnant works better


illegitimate president

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It is funny to watch that topics like the globalists wanting to depopulate the planet and we know this to be true because some weirdo put some stones up in the middle of nowhere Georgia and that shows this grand overarching conspiracy from Bill Gates and Klaus Scwaub … someone who no one talked about until Alex Jones latched on to the “Great Reset” stuff… something that has also been taken up in a conspiratorial fashion by posters here…

and on a side note… if anyone wants to read a real critique of Klaus Schwab I would recommend " Davos Man" by Peter S Goodman…

And then to top it off there is the QAnon motto which they say was taken from JFK but was actually from the movie " White Squall" … and somehow… the act of pointing and laughing that the Modern Conservative movement has incorporated into it’s mythology a ton of Conspiratorial nonsense as truths showing that the Birchers won the party… we are the crazy ones.


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What difference does that make in a world where trimesters have been abandoned and we now talk about restrictions in terms of weeks?

A huge percentage of the “85% support” is for like 0.03% of abortions.

Stop trying to use it as a crutch to support the 99% “inconvenience” abortions.


How many weeks do you believe are permitted in the abortions clause of the constitution?

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