Do You Trust President Trump to Protect Our Gun Rights?

Think President Trump (D) can be trusted with protecting our gun rights? If you believe that, I got some nice oceanfront property in Nebraska to sell you.

Uuum. I trust him protecting them over a Democrat as president.

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And now we have the mandatory “Our guns are in jeopardy” thread that follows every mass shooting.

As long there are liberals and weak-minded conservatives whining about guns, you bet there will be more threads like this.

He is an NRA member and so are his kids, and yeah he has conceal carry permit.

Trump has and never has had any core principles. If he thought he’d be better off politically pushing for the most draconian gun measures ever envisioned in this country he’d sell us out in a heartbeat.

He showed his true colors in his summit meeting on guns after the Parkland Shooting.

We’re just fortunate he was slapped silly and put back on the right track within hours of the comment but until he decided to run for POTUS as a republican I doubt he’d even hears of the 2nd Amendment much less developed a firm position on the subject.

Support confiscating guns before due process?

Yeah, not exactly pro-2A.

He was feeding the Dems what they wanted to hear. Just before he pulls the rug right out from under them. Who was it that said arm the schools, Trump belongs to and is an active NRA member.

Active how exactly?

Anyone can join and pay their dues, exactly how is Trump Active? Prior to his running for POTUS can you find any evidence of him being an open supporter of gun rights?


He meets with NRA leadership as President and listens to them, where do you think he got the idea to promote arming willing trained teachers from.

You of course failed to answer the question. How about you give it another try?

well, and anyone with kids in schools.

guns sales should be up this month since we had another school slaughter. be happy.

Try reading, if you do not like the answer don’t ask the question.

That isn’t an answer it’s avoiding an answer. He’s not the first president to meet with NRA leadership and in doing so he’s not being an “active member” by any means he’s simply acting as the Chief Exec. It’s his job.

I trust Trump to do what is in the best interests of Trump. Good thing Democrats didn’t realize the opportunity they were handed to get stuff done and didn’t want anything to do with him or it could have turned out badly.