Do You Think This Country Still Supports the 2nd Amendment?

We have already done “reforms”.

Then no.

I don’t live in a gated community.

I don’t know the response time as I’ve never had to call the police for anything.

We pay a lot in local taxes for the town services we do receive so I assume our police force is adequately staffed for my town’s size (approx 30k people.)


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That shouldn’t be a problem.
If everyone you know wants them banned- it should be easy to convince 2/3 of congress and 3/4 of the states to repeal the 2nd amendment.
Go for it :slight_smile:
Check back with us when you’re 100 years old and tell us how it came out.

We are working on it. That’s why the big push to get young people registered.

Personally, I’m working with a group of people to unseat the R Congressperson in the district adjacent to mine.

And we have an excellent chance of doing just that.

You guys should just start kicking in doors and confiscating them. :grinning:

I think most people are rational enough to understand surrendering their rights is not a valid or reasoned means of providing greater security. In that regard, yes most people still support the 2nd A. However, there is a very vocal and radical element that is doing anything they can to change this ratio. They pour out of the woodwork around tragedies in attempt at taking advantage of the high emotional levels and fill public discourse with their prescripted, continuously repeated claims hoping to sway opinion their way. In as far as getting the herd to accept and then parrot their terminology, it’s clear they are having effect. But I think that effect is more noise than it is numbers.

Ah no they understand that the status quo is getting them killed and must be changed.

Wouldn’t a theoretical gun ban have a grandfather clause like before? :thinking:

Nobody likes doorkicking. (Unless it’s for plants, then Americans apparently like it a lot.)

I just figured that those so hell bent on banning other peoples guns should lead the way. LOL

When there are people claiming that because their opposition is unwilling to accept their proposals, they are going to push for a full ban, it’s blatantly obvious that their motivation has nothing to do with saving lives or providing greater security…it’s all about getting their way. So no, there is no understanding, there isn’t even rational thought. It’s simply “I want this and I don’t care what the results are”.

Sorry but kids understand that the status quo is getting them killed and must be changed.

Lots of kids are pro 2nd amendment too.

You want a list?

  1. That’s all it takes.

Their classmates are killing them, maybe they should look in a mirror just a bit.

Sure. Please provide a list of what gun control laws have been enacted by Congress since the assault gun ban was allowed to expire in 2004.


It is not an important amendment. It does not protect an important right. What’s the fuss again?

Our acceptance of reforms goes back much further than that - which was one of them.