Do You Think This Country Still Supports the 2nd Amendment?

Once again, our gun rights are under attack.

Get ready for more marches from anti-gun loons demanding we should lose our freedom and our 2A rights as more young people are supporting ways to restrict our rights.


I think so. For example a theater full of filthy rich singers with armed bodyguards is paying tribute right now. With the Marjory Douglas show choir.

“You can’t take my youth away.”

Why do they don’t want people to own guns to protect themselves?

I don’t support it.

I want all guns banned. No exceptions. As do almost everyone I know. Young and old.

Needs more CAPS.

Not going to happen and I doubt that even half the country feels that way.

Oh, does almost everyone you know also want to take guns from law enforcement officials as well, or are there actually some exceptions?

We actually haven’t discussed that but I’m fine with it. See the UK for instance. The vast majority of police do not carry a gun.

We don’t even lock our doors where I live.

Just because Britain have a dumb law, we should follow it as well?


Move to England if things are so great there.

I don’t care if you think it’s dumb. That is my opinion.

I will do what I can do to elect politicians who support strict gun control measures.

I have been to two marches and the most impressive thing at each was the huge number of young kids registering to vote. My friends around the country reported the same thing at the marches they attended.

Sad that kids want to take our freedom away.

Boo hoo hoo

I can see you’re no big fan of freedom either.

Not when it comes to guns. And since the gun nuts refuse to do even the simplest reforms, those of us who want stricter gun laws have to go all in now on working to ban them completely.

Well you guys don’t seem to care about young people getting killed so their going to do what you will not.

Not in my lifetime they aren’t.

Liberals don not and conservatives do. It’s a simple as that,

I think the country still largely supports it. Then there’s a snall fraction like me who just don’t care and won’t lift a finger to move the issue either way. I think the group that actually hates guns is even smaller than my group.

Just think back to when the Democrats had a supermajority. Even the greatest conservative nightmare of all time wasn’t so bad for the guns. We love guns in America.

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You won’t if the bad man ever gets on your side of your gated community.

Everybody in this country doesn’t share your police response time.

A lot more.

They had assault rifles everywhere Saturday. On an island where guns are banned.