Do You Stock Up in General?

Where you fishin?

stock up in general? do silver stars work as well as bouillon?

Right? We’ve had, what, 90 years of zombie and apocalypse movies to train us and can anyone cite one example of the survivors dying from lack of TP?

When the world runs out of toilet paper, rejoice, for the world has become our toilet paper.

Cheap one, like myself.

BTW for those that like pork…shop around because lots of pigs are being slaughter for ham…good time to buy loins and tenderloins.

I just bought 20 pounds of tenderloins for 1.99 per pound. Couple entire loin straps for 99 cents a pound.

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and in a pinch, them feral hogs only cost the price of a .223

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True that but you can’t even clean em for that price…unless you hire so…oh never mind.

When there’s no sports on TV butchering becomes a form of entertainment.

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I don’t watch sports…I rather build something then gutting and cleaning a pig. :wink:

Out of Southern California, summer out of San Diego into Mexico are the big hauls of mainly yellowtail, yellowfin and bluefin.

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Pretty sure we have brother fish in each others freezers then.

Makes it easy to eat healthy! :+1:


My small town grocery has had super affordable pork the last few years, and I’ve become quite the pork cooking expert. So many different flavor profiles you can use with pork, seasonally.

And yup, last week snagged $1.99 tenderloins.

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Use to snag em for less then that but price went up since China started buying our pigs.

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Oh yea…Yellowfin.

This thread is making me hungry…

I buy by the half carcass.

I usually have half a side and fractional portion of a side on hand at any one time.

Plus plenty of poultry in the freezer. I have about 6 capons left and a couple of turkeys.

same here but it never seems to last


No need. Food grows here.

Not so much. Tn winters are relatively mild.