Do You Stock Up in General?

I live in Cheyenne, WY.

Winters are vicious. Not necessarily the snow, but incessant, never ending 40-mph winds and bone-chilling windchill.

So I do stock up several months worth of toilet paper, paper towels and other non-perishable stuff. (Total permanent household of 3).

I also have a freezer which I always keep half full of TV dinners and stuff, for when nobody feels like cooking.

And frankly, I do this even in summer time, just so I don’t have to go to the store unless I feel like it.

Anyone stock up just cuz, and not because they’re expecting a pandemic?

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I always have at least two weeks of food…up to a month’s worth of meat (have a stand up freezer in the basement.

Tons of frozen veggies from the garden from every year as well.

I do keep stocks of certain things, but as something I have always done, not in response to any situation.

I have about a side and a half of beef in the freezer as well a poultry, etc.

And I do have a stock of paper goods. But I live rural and remote. Just common sense, particularly when it is possible to get socked in with snow where I live.

Only in the winter because roads are horrible in Ontario.

If you dont have a meat freezer are you even an adult

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We stick up pretty well throughout the year, especially with cleaning and sanitation supplies. You can never have enough cleaning supplies when you have children in elementary school.

I also live in earthquake country so we are prepared for that too.

But, I didn’t to a TP run with the rest. We have a good supply and if it runs out… well, the showers have a hand held extension… that’ll do.

Nope. Surrounded by stores and it rarely even freezes.

No. I live in Tennessee. On the way home from work I pass two Walmarts and a few grocery stores. The only thing I stock up on is beer.


I don’t. I prefer to get a few things every couple days.

The only reason I have a years worth of tp and paper towels is because I messed up an Amazon sub and let it deliver 48-roll packs of each every week for 6 weeks. If anyone needs some, let me know.


My stocking up comes from growing up in a family where my dad was the sole breadwinner, but in the 1970s he was out of work probably a quarter of the time.

We always stocked up on meat and other staples while he worked so we could get through the lean times.

Even though I have only ever been unemployed one time for a period of three weeks in my life, the habit never went away.

I always have freezer in the garage full of prize saltwater fish that we caught during the year; commercially packed.

Fish for days :+1:

And we keep a stockpile of 50 gallons or more of drinking water in 5g jugs.

Rest is pretty normal.

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Only during hurricane season. And even that’s not an overabundance of stuff.

Yup. A combination of being lazy…I don’t want to go to the grocery store every day and living without power from severe tropical storms and hurricanes.

I have an upright freezer filled with meat and veggies. Oh, and smoothie mixes, too!

I also know what amounts of food I eat per day and it really isn’t all that much. I’m probably overstocked.

We stock up every 3 weeks and this week is the week. We mostly get water, dry food, juice, cleaning products(house, clothes and dishes) and frozen food(mostly fish since I’m pescatarian and chicken for the boys).

Here in Maryland, BJ’s(our normal store) and Costco was a dumpster fire today, but places like Giant, Lidl and Wegmans was decent, but packed. We got what we normally get. However, things like bleach, wipes, any type of cleaning product and toilet tissue (still not sure why there has been a mad dash for TP) were gone. We have a big storage room in our basement which is pretty much a big ass pantry of food and cleaning items, so we have that stuff already.

I always have a big stockpile simply because I only buy what’s on sale and when it’s on sale I buy enough so I won’t need it again until it goes on sale again. I never buy anything not on sale. So yes my pantry and freezer are always full.


Well I never used to stock up but after going through this mess and knowing I won’t be able to wipe my *** until I can score some black market toilet paper I am thinking after this is over I will become at least a moderate prepper.

Its not that we set out to stock up it’s that we buy the better deal and happen to have room for dry and cold storage.

Every now and then we get those door knockers trying to sell crappy steaks in a box out of a van, I stopped turning them away immediately and started trying to buy their deep freezers. Got two for wicked cheap now.

Anyone else buy beef by the 1/4? 1/4 cow?

Certainly can’t be a Canadian.

and this is why we have fallen in love with online grocery shopping.

Filter by: Price and suddenly I have a better variety, healthier diet and it’s all so so so much less than I ever paid before. I’d never have known I love aussie vegan breakfast pies, but this is my life now.