Do you serve in local government?

I never worked in local government - but I did spend years working professionally on local campaigns.

Would this be similar to road crews? I see that a lot here in Cheyenne and Wyoming.

Perfectly fine roads are torn up and repaved, including highway roads (which are paid for by the government?), while roads that do need work just sit and gather potholes.

Out of curiosity, how much do you know about the different governmental agencies and budgets involved in the roads being replaced and the one’s with potholes not being taken care of? You do know it’s rather complex right?

It seems to be, yes.

I’m sure there’s different pots of money for city streets vs. highways.

For streets on which politicians or bigwigs live as opposed to streets where normal people live.

“County” streets where I live - where we’ve had potholes for the 10 years I’ve lived out here - as opposed to city streets.

But take for example Cheyenne, capital of Wyoming, home to Frontier Days for 10 day. in which hundreds of thousands of people visit - by car or motorhome.

And yet our “main drag” (Greeley Highway) has a viaduct leading into “historic downtown” where all the tourists congregate, which has been disgraceful for 10 years. Potholes along its length.

They did some pothole fixing a few years ago - which seemed to consist of hot gravel or whatever it is being shoveled into the holes. With the result that a winter later, the snow and ice had gotten into the edges of those holes and caused potholes again. Which have yet to be fixed.

I drive north on I-25 several times a year. There’s never been anything wrong with that highway going either north or south. No potholes. Grades just fine. Etc. Yet periodically they shut down portions of it to dig it up and repave it.

In Pennsylvania, there is always construction going on somewhere along Interstate 80 and Interstate 81 and the other expressways as well. I can’t speak as to the propriety of all of it, but winter does put a lot of stress on the highways.

There is a great variety of funding sources and responsibility depending on the type of road in Pennsylvania. If you follow township roads from one township to the next, you can go from well maintained roads in one township to roads that appear to have been bombed in the next township.

My township’s roads are generally in good shape, as are the townships all around me. But they are all relatively affluent townships.

The U.S. Highway, Pennsylvania State Roads and Country Roads are generally well maintained.

But again, all of these have both different funding sources and different controlling government entities.

Your section of I-25 must be a dream. I live south of you in Colorado. I-25 in our state is a freaking mess. There are sections that have been being worked on for the last 6 years, and they started tearing up other parts this year that are on what we are being told is a 5 year plan.

Stop gloating…lol

Interstate Highways (like I-25) are covered by the Federal Highway Administration. The FHWA does not fix potholes on State and Local roads.

What kind of involvement are you looking for?

Elected position on 2 different party committee/groups which means I get to vote at the state conventions etc. among other things and involvement with local officials in regards to policy, law, what have you.

Also have family members who have served or currently serving in local govt. Our family is very involved in local government/politics.

Lol, that’s the same reason the army is having to continuously buy Abrams tanks they don’t want or need.

Actually you’re right.

North I-25 is a dream.

South, until you get just within sight of Fort Collins is good - then of course it starts to get bad. Don’t know why I said otherwise. The Commons area is finally done with construction though, I think?

Almost…but they started a new section just north of Castlerock that has turned into a mess again…lol

is this all in Utah by chance?