Do You Really Want Me to Rule the Country?


This is nonsense. Read the Congressional record.

There was no such thing as an “illegal immigrant” in 1868. The term didn’t exist.


No, you didn’t. You posted a definition, and you posted a 100-year-old law review article that I’m sure you didn’t actually read.

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I don’t see the word legal immigrant anywhere in here.

Section 1, Clause 1, of the Fourteenth Amendment, reads:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

Hence it was never addressed.

As I expected, you’re defining “extraconstitutional” as decisions you don’t like.


You don’t see the words “illegal immigrant” either which is the point.

The intent was stated clearly, they wanted to answer the question of citizenship for former slaves and their offspring, nothing more.

nope I see it say anyone born within the united states is an American citizen, the statue of their parent is not relevant based on the text.

Yes, it wasn’t addressed.

Therefore, reading a restriction of jus soli that was not in the text would be “extraconstitutional,” wouldn’t it?

Then you are seeing what you want to see.

It addressed those already born and present in the US. Thee was no intent to make it all encompassing for everyone born in the US in the future under any and all circumstances.

Already covered.

During the debate over the 14th, a Senator asked if the amendment would apply to all “aliens” temporarily residing on our shores. The answer, on the record, was “yes”.

Clearly he was only talking about legal aliens not illegal aliens.


From what source are you obtaining this knowledge of the “intent” of men who died a hundred years ago?

Have you read the debates on the 14th?

In the future? No, and again, the term “illegal alien” did not exist at the time so it was n ever addressed.

Over the years I’ve read about every original source I could lay my hands on.

from the author personal dairy clearly.

Exactly since there were no illegal aliens at the time.

Yes, “in the future”. The 14th was not intended to only work retroactively.

And while “illegal alien” was not a term in 1868, “alien” was.

there have been illegal alien in America since before it was founded.

…but you never actually read the Congressional record?

That seems like an “original source” to me - and all it takes is a trip to the library.