Do you fly? Do you follow the rules mandated?

So two questions of each forumite.

One do you fly commercial?

If so do you follow the rules mandated by the govt, airlines etc.


I just got back from Mexico vacation. The process was not too bad. You just have to be aware of the testing rules.

Me, yes of course I fly and yes I follow the rules mandated by the govt, airlines etc.

But that’s just me.

I would love to hear from other forumites and their experiences.


I have flown several times during the COVID pandemic and followed the rules.

The rules are enforced at the point of a gun. Might makes right is the rule.

I did not wear free-Tibet tee shirt when I was in China either. I don’t plan on attending anti-Putin protests in Russia.

We used to live in a free country. Perhaps we can again some day.


Used to, but now I just drive. Only takes 4 days to drive coast to coast. Drove Seattle to Cleveland just a tad over 3 days without any BS. I know…that will anger libs.

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Did you follow the rules mandated, or did you exercise your freedoms and do things such as speed, drive on the wrong side of the road, drive while intoxicated, and run through red lights?

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Yes…speed, run red lights etc. anything else you want to know?

Would you have ridden on segregated buses and used segregated washrooms and restaurants in the Jim Crow South? At least Democrats allowed people to use the facilities back then even if they were segregated. Like today they used public health as one of the justifications for the “rules”.

Now they ban people completely from aircraft and restaurants based on personal medical decisions.

You are doing the right thing. Don’t support airlines if you don’t like their rules. There are alternatives.

Your Hawaii trip may be difficult though.

It’s only a matter of time libs will want to put end to that too.

Nobody should be able to drive across country…nobody.

Do you wear seat belts and carry insurance and a govt issued drivers license?

Or are you a free citizen not obeying govt mandates.

Did you take a driving test?

Did you get a photo ID?

When you vote do you just say it is my right and not present ID.


Funny that you mention this.

You should amend the constitution and make unvax people a protected class.

the maniac left breeds more maniacs. they have “reasons” now to go apenuts on people. it feeds their inner lefty tyrant needs

watch this psycho woman and think to yourself…”is liberalism (leftism, really) really a mental disorder?”. lol

this lady needed a hard square punch in her face

i defy every idiotic authoritarian rule with masks etc as much as possible short of getting kicked off the flight because they are all useless rules meant to puff up their pathological need to dictate people’s lives

you should too, if you appreciate freedom


Why, cause libs hate it when people visit Cleveland ?

Yes I fly and follow the rules (not like I have much choice).

I like drinking on flights even more now cause it’s a good excuse to not mask up :wink:

Mostly. I never wore seat belts until 2003. Then only sparingly until 2008. Then regularly. But not because it’s required, but because it’s in my best interest. I’d wear them whether it was the law or not.

As far as flying goes, I’m putting a pause on that until this is all over. Same for visiting NYC.

What a silly question. It’s their Airline, they (in cahoots with the government) make their own rules. There is no more reason to believe that you can get away with not following masking
and/or other Covid rules, than that you cannot follow the seats upright, trays up, and seat belt fastened rules. If you don’t want to follow rules that you don’t like, don’t buy a ticket to fly.