Do You Ever Wonder

How the religious right continues to justify their support for Trump? I certainly do. Especially considering what Donald holds himself up to be. He’s the flesh of this world… EXACTLY what Jesus chastised his disciples about. I wonder if the religious right would have been so supportive of Donald back in the day… you know… when he was a registered Democrat and donator to the clintons.

Anybody ha e any reasonable, non-insulting justifications?

Note: I added that last part because my last thread was flagged and deleted.

I’ve been on a real bad stretch of luck lately. Four out of five posts are getting erased and flagged. Don’t know what’s up with that. So, please keep the conversation civil!

I do wonder that. I hear that we are a Christian nation so often, but some of those same believers go against the teaching of Jesus so often. It’s almost like not is a lip service and they are not willing to do the work that Jesus requested of us.

I agree. I think it’s a fair question but apparently it offended someone. It’s hard to justify support for someone while that support requires one to completely sell out on their principles and beliefs.


Power over principles.
Judges over Jesus.


Yep. Such a little victory for their lifetimes of hypocrisy.

You’ll get the usual selection of responses, if any:

  • I voted for policy, not the man.
  • God often uses disreputable people to further His plan.
  • What, like Clinton is moral?
  • I love how libs suddenly care about morals.
  • Abortion
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I’m sure that’s true… if the thread doesn’t get axed.

The moral outrage of the Left is like the smell off of a pig farm in August, in Texas.


Trump was brought to us by God. -Thread started by a trump supporter.

What would Jesus do? Vote for fat donald.

The lack of moral outrage by the religious right has been deafening.

Obviously they voted for policies over personalities.
Keep bringing it up but that will always be the answer.

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Yep. I’ll keep bringing it because it’s worthy of conversation.

I’d just like for people to admit their hypocrisy and to step off the moral high horse.

Some of us on the religious right chose not to vote for the immorality that is Trump. In my case, yes I knew the guy I voted for wouldn’t win. I also happen to be able to look in the mirror without shame as I didn’t sacrifice my Christian principles with my vote.


Hats off to you, sir. Patriots care more about the preservation of our nation than one win in a brief slice of time. Too bad there weren’t more like you.

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like I implied: yawn

We always knew Trump was crude and vulgar … your lot does a Sgt Shultz to actual wrong doing just so long as the criminal and/or socialist vermin sound right.

This. Absolutely this!

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Are you claiming that, theologically speaking, how one votes in a political election is more important than how one lives their life?

I know you and your ilk yawn. That’s the problem. Keep yawning as the moral degradation of our country becomes the norm because ■■■■■ Grabber in Chief says so. Yawn while he’s enriching himself on your dime. Yawn while he lies to you over and over and over and over and over.

But know this: you won’t be yawning when a Dem comes along who acts just like Trump or worse. That’s the point. He swung the pendulum so far toward greed and stupidity that it’s gonna come back the other way at some point.

Will you still be yawning then?