Do you agree that people should be jailed and/or fined for saying mean things?

And do you agree that people who don’t utter what you want them to say should also be jailed and/or fined?

Jailing and fining people for saying unpopular things seems be coming in vogue in places like Europe, Australia and Canada. It was recently introduced in New York.

Of course. Is capital punishment on the table?

I hope so. I agree, government should be able to dictate what people are allowed to say.

Sounds sick!

Who are these sick people against free speech?

Nope. We either have free speech under the 1st amendment or not.

The left would love to control speech however.

Bill DeBlasio, for one. Justin Trudeau comes to mind as well.

Those people are sick and disgusting!

They know that they’re more enlightened and loving than others, that’s why they support restricting another’s speech or, in some cases, requiring what words they are permitted to utter.

That’s mean.

@Patrick How many people have been gaoled in Australia in 2019 for “saying mean things”?

Would you say that suggesting the Prime Minister should be put in a chaff bag and dumped at sea is a mean thing to say?

Free speech comes with a responsibility to all, in that some things said, you’ll find offensive. Tough…grow up.

I agree. Wrongspeak must be eradicated.

No, it’s sick !


It is just a few politicians talking. The talk won’t go very far. They are just trying to make a point but are smart enough to realize that free speech will prevail. This really isn’t a big deal, but more of a waste of time on their part.

Won’t go far? Illegal alien. NYC