Do we want to talk about the stock market? 1-31-20

Feel like we’re all ignoring a pretty big market drop.

Down 500 right now. Hopefully Trump doesn’t say something stupid to make it worse.

Is Trump only responsible for increases in the Dow and not decreases?

Is Trump responsible for the decreases and not the increases?

Anything that impacts China to a significant degree is going to have an effect on the global market. Sounds obvious to just say it like that, but yeah.

It would be a simplistic view to unilaterally say yes to either without supporting evidence to back up the claim.

Well, he does take credit when the markets are up. Not so much otherwise.

Don’t worry Sanders is likely to win the Democratic primaries and possibly the presidency the market will soar under his economic policies.

No he isnt going to win the nomination. Every time I see someone post that, I chuckle a little

I said the same about Trump, don’t underestimate the populist movements moving across the west.

No. But there particular times when large decreases can be directly tied to his statements and tweets.

It is now down at about 550 points.

Yep, and when a stock goes down because of one of his tweets I’d be curious if there was any short selling going on before said tweet.

Damn, it’s all the way down to 28,000.

Better start unpacking those preps! :rofl:

Let’s talk about something safe today so as not to cause any mental meltdowns or anguish.

So, are the libs gonna talk about the stock market or not??

All I see is more trumplaining.

As of today, annualized S&P500 gains under Trump are at 12.3%.

Annualized return under Obama: 13.8%.


Ah not just the coronavirus this explains it, reality setting in.

“Once panned by Wall Street as a socialist with “crazy” ideas, Sen. Bernie Sanders is finally commanding attention from investors.

And they don’t like what they see.”

Health Insurance companies don’t like it.

That is not the entirety of the stock market.

A few months ago the “market” was worrying about Elizabeth Warren." The question is how many votes does the market have; and how many people out there are turning to Sanders because they are tired of seeing how much better “the market” is doing than they are.

Bull markets always have corrections. This is nothing new.

And whether it is the coronavirus or other factors, a serious market correction is a challenge to Donald Trump, since his strongest position is the economic performance of the past three years and rising market has been the center of Trump’s story.

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Somehow, cutting funding to the CDC seems more like an unwise move these days.