Do we really need a national day of mourning?

President Bush has been out of office for over 2 decades. He died at the ripe old age of 94, of natural causes. If people want to mourn for him, fine. But why shut down the whole country? Why no mail - in December?

Yea, no. Don’t do this.

The country is not shut down. Only government and the stock market. Wall Street is an emotional train wreck, in constant panic mode. I don’t need government or wall street on most days.

Yeah, I don’t see this thread ending well. Mr. Bush was a president respected by people across the aisle.

Yeah but no mail service? It’s a bit much.

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True. Do you remember a few months back when the government in D.C. shut down because it was too windy for them to work? They use any excuse possible to give themselves a day off. LAZY!



He was the last president of the collegial government era. That simple.


One day there will be a national day of mourning for President Trump as he lies in state and former and current political figures lionize him with days of eulogies and tributes.

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It would be more notable not to have the National Day of Mourning and federal holiday. It’s been done for every president since Nixon.

I personally agree with you (although I understand why they do this), these politicians get way to much notarity, they are nothing special.

It’s done for every president regardless of party or when he left office. That’s how it should be.

Maybe, maybe not:

It’s something that Donald should really think about, though.

You see, the thing is, we write our own eulogies. Someone else delivers it, yes, but each of us authors his own in the life he lives and the memories he leaves. But despite having 72 years to work on it, the eulogy you’ve written thus far is meager and pathetic, your rise to the presidency and alleged billions in net worth notwithstanding.

Your inability to muster even a simulacrum of basic decency at the passing of an authentic American hero diminishes your eulogy even more. There’s cautionary wisdom here, if only you had the wit to understand it.

As is true of us all, Donald Trump, your funeral is coming. You’ve probably never thought about that.

Last of the Greatest Generation too.

The trailer for avengers 4 was supposed to come out today, but it won’t on because the stock market is down. I’m pretty upset.

I appreciate that. I have no problem with people going into mourning for him.

But why shut down the government and the stock market?

Is this going to be the new normal whenever a President passes away? A new excuse for government folks to get another day of paid vacation?

The appearance, or not, of a movie trailer is not affected because the stock market is down.

That was my favorite thing about serving in the Army. The amount of long weekends I got was really nice. It probably didn’t make up for all the 12 hour shifts 7 days a week that I had to pull, but the down time was nice when I got it.

Disney stock would be affected by a major movie trailer being released. They wouldn’t release a trailer that big when their stock coudln’t be affected.


I just looked that up and I see you are correct. I guess I’d never paid attention before.

I hope everyone gets unpaid leave, though.