Do we know what’s right

All these conservatives that have fallen on the sword, being drug into court time and again, all of those who have profited off of these bogus investigations especially book sales, why hasn’t some of that money been spent helping those like Gen. Flynn? Most have been part of these books. Do the right thing or are you as greedy as those on the left?

Why should they help a traitor?

Make Turkey Great Again!

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Sidney Powell has taken Flynn case pro bono.

General Flynn, is that you?

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With the way he worded it, I thought this was a topic about banned conservative posters at first. :rofl:

So Flynn is entitled to other people’s money?

Hmmm - I thought it was the left that propagated that position

“Bogus investigations.” Good one

That was my thought. All the honorable brave conservative (which goes without saying!) posters that were banned. :wink:

What’s this?

If you want to donate to the cause there your chance.

Trump should give Flynn his old job back.

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That’s a good one. :slight_smile:

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I thought this country would of folded by now. What’s the holdup?

I get what the op is saying, there is a cec economy built on outrage books. Are they solely to enrich the author or should part of they money made go to the people they are saying are being treated unfairly?

What does that have to do with Flynn being a straight traitor?

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And he’s not alone. I’d put Page in there, too. And maybe Manafort.