"Do Me A Favor"

A few weeks ago, Hannity aired a video montage showing a variety of times Pres. Trump used the phrase “do me a favor”. I can’t seem to find it. Can anyone help me locate it, please. Thanks!

Are you asking people to do you a favor by finding the clip?


Thank you so much, that’s very helpful.

Every time you hear someone say “do me a favor” don’t you automatically think criminal conspiracy?


It’s almost like context matters…no, that would be ridiculous.


I considered the context, thank you.

“Do me a favor” is fine.

Is “Do me a favor or I won’t give you your money” fine?

When the person is withholding $391,000,000 and the favor is asking me to do something to benefit their political campaign.

Ya, I kinda do.

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“I would like you to do us a favor though.”

But that’s not what Trump did no matter how many times left-wing masters say so.


President Trump should choose his words more carefully. As president they carry a lot weight.

It should not be allowed for Schiff or anyone in the hearing to state or testify that these investigation requests are done for the benefit of a campaign unless it is also allowed for Republicans to present evidence that there were valid reasons for the US to request such investigations. Since Schiff will not allow the evidence of those reasons to be presented it can certainly not be presumed they do not exist.


that was not said

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It’s just excuse to to only admit evidence that bird eye ■■■■ for brains want.

Why should I do you a favor?

Do me a favor
Open the door
And let him in…
-Paul McCartney

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Shifty seems to think so.

I guess that is what the impeachment trial will determine.

I was creating a scenario. Would that statement be all right?