Do Democrats Support Freedom for Cuba?

SOCIALIST PARADISE: Venezuelans Forced to Bath in Potholes, Rivers as Government Shuts Water Supply


Absolutely. How many times to I have to repeat myself? Everyone should have our immigration laws applied to them on an equal basis. That said, their reasoning for claiming asylum isn’t hidden, now is it?

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Of course! Hell you don’t even treat them all the same! It’s all about who will vote for you! It has nothing to do with real hardship categorically speaking.

Things have changed in Cuba in the last week.

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Mexico is sending aid to Cuba. Amazing.

I guess Cuba is over.

What did Trump do for Cubans?

They weren’t being slaughtered in the streets when trump was president like they are now!

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Should we invade?

Biden has imposed new sanctions over the crackdown.

I’m looking for a link to this “genocide” and people being “slaughtered in the streets” he keeps talking about.

Yeah I think that’s a little much, but I’m also sure it’s not pretty.

You’d think if that was going on, Little Marco or Sleepy Ted would be blasting Biden about not doing anything about it.

What can he do?

Iv been to Cuba its a depressing place, hope they get better government.

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And yet does NOTHING to help them…

I was toying with you?