Do *bama And biden Like Each Other?

I’m not so sure.

Eye rolls, insults, dismissals and no endorsement for 2016, and took forever in 2020.

Sounds like they just don’t like each other very much.

Well, maybe joe likes him, but not the other way around.

Biden didn’t run in 2016.

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Because he didn’t have *bama’s support apparently.

I didn’t write the article.

But you did start this thread.

The authors of the editorials you linked to are not here. Only you are.

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Okay, I’ll put it another way. I never said he did run in 2016. I never even implied it. But apparently he wouldn’t have had *bama’s support if he had.

Why did you just restate the obvious??

We know.

Now back to the real question.

I bet thats why Obama inteligently did not endorse Biden

No because he just lost his son to brain cancer.

Lol funny “article”.

Didn’t read it huh?

Good grief.

We’ll never know whether or not Obama would have endorsed and supported Biden in 2016, because Biden didn’t run in 2016.

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Does anyone even really care about 2016 at this point? Biden’s running now and Obama has endorsed him. Why would we care whether or not they “like” each other? People work well on teams together all the time without “liking” each other.

What is this, 2nd grade?

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I guess not with all of the *bama and clintoon people picking off his staff and conspiring behind his back and encouraging him not to run.

And saying things like “if I could appoint a president for the next 8 years it would be you joe.” Not exactly the St. Crispin’s Day speech.

I did. So what.

This crap has 14 posts?
Geez the stupid crap look the other way posts are going to be stupid in the next 80 days.
Please Trump supporters, just get real and keep it normal.

Asterisks? Where’s gropey? Gobama the idiot? Four flusher?

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Does Joe Biden still recognize Obama?

From reading the articles, I think they do personally like each other.

Looks like the leadership style is where they disagreed. It also looks like Obama ‘tolerated’ Joe and was mostly dismissive of him. It would also appear Obama was dismissive of anyone who disagreed with him even though he’d give them a chance to present their argument.

There are a lot of people I like but would never be able to work with.

They may like each other, but it is obvious to me, Obama doesnt have a lot of confidence in Biden. There are a lot of people that I like.Just because I like them doesnt mean I have confidence in them to run the country.

According to Politico,

If true, and I believe it is, that is a really hurtful remark from Obama. I would never make that remark about someone I considered a friend. If anything, I would say nothing. I sure wouldnt say that.

Is there any concrete evidence, e.g. a direct attributed quote or a recording, that Obama made those comments?