Do All Black Lives Matter or Just The Ones Who Die At the Hands of a White Officer?

It’s said the current BLM movement since the murder of George Floyd, is currently larger and more influential than any political party. This is one of the hottest political discussions across the nation.

I am a white male and harbor no ill will to anyone based on their skin color but the current theme is that systematic racism is so prevalent, I don’t even realize I’m a racist. I reject this but…since I’m white, my opinion is automatically disqualified on the subject. Since this is how a white person’s opinion is treated if they do not agree with the PC narrative, the young, vibrant, intelligent lady of color…Ms. Candace Owens speaks what I believe. Here she is discussing this very subject with Marc Lamont Hill who represents the Black Lives Matter narrative. It’s two opposing viewpoints that meet head on and discuss this in a civil manner.

Candace is intelligent and uses the facts to make her points. Marc repeats many of the common statements that I often hear when racial disparities are being discussed. Listen to both sides and judge for yourselves. IMO…Candace speaks truth…after truth…after truth…and IMO destroys the untruths. It’s a long discussion but very appropriate for the times we’re in. I hope you enjoy and look forward to your comments.


The answer to that is obvious. Folks are being slaughtered in Chicago weekly and it goes unnoticed and unmentioned by the MSM and even BLM.

Ten minutes in so far, but Hill is winning on the first two points. He is right that people shouldn’t be criticized for protesting and that Floyd’s record is irrelevant.

Black Lives Matter began as a call to action in response to state-sanctioned violence and anti-Black racism. Complaining they don’t do enough about crime in Chicago is like complaining that Breast Cancer organizations don’t do enough for Pancreatic Cancer.


That may be. However, imagine an organization called Lung Cancer Matters that spends all of their time talking about stuff like aerosol spray and zero time talking about smoking tobacco products.


You guys always bring up Chicago and only Chicago. I guess other cities don’t matter!

I can only assume that since our black POTUS is from Chicago is the only reason you bring it and only it up

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After all these years they still don’t know what BLM is, and continue to spread propaganda to avoid recognizing racial disparities in police brutality


Organizations have a focus, otherwise they don’t accomplish anything. BLM is specifically about systemic top-down issues, not crime. It’s all laid out succinctly on their website, in their leader’s speeches, and their representative’s words.

The constant concern-trolling about “Chicago” is an attempt to muddy the waters and imply that all of the struggles facing black Americans are their own doing. It’s also just a little backwards-elbowing at Obama. Surely you know better.

That’s exactly what it is. As soon as the black guy from Chicago got elected all you hear about from cons are black on black murders in Chicago.

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30 minutes in now, Hill is unwisely trying to defend rioting and looting.

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I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m certainly not concern-trolling about Chicago. It’s a legit ask because the organization is named how it’s named. And if a black person is 700 times more likely to be killed by another black person than a police officer (may need to fact check but it’s close to that), these questions aren’t going away.

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The basic foundation of lib logic!


It’s a powerful tight name with a clearly defined purpose. If your response to their efforts is “well, black people kill black people too!” then you are entirely missing it.

It’s the poster child of black mayhem.

But no, it’s not ONLY Chicago, so you made that up.

Another pillar of lib logic.

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I saw Black Mayhem in the 80s. Good show.

Someone on here said it well when they said if Rayshard Brooks didn’t have the run in with police at the Wendy’s instead got his food drove home drunk, on the way home wrecked and killed himself and a few others his nor their lives would have mattered. You would have never heard the name Rayshard Brooks unless you were looking in the obituaries.

I think it was made to take ones eye off the fact 95% of all blacks are killed by other black people, 6% of the population is responsible for 52% of all homicides. You have a greater chance of being killed by a black person if you are white than the opposite all these stats come from the FBI. So what BLM they can’t exactly protest that now could they, so they protests and make a movement on what effects roughly 10 black people a year and then forget the same thing happens to other races. How many unarmed blacks die to police, especially white police ignore everything else.

I’m sorry that truth hurts. If you’re going to assert others don’t care about “all lives” you’re going to get it thrown right back at ya

Take a look in the mirror

Protests are about punching upwards. You can’t “protest” crime. If you don’t care about BLM’s focus then start your own group.

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An assumption based on loads of evidence. If you know a mind reader do let me know.

Ya’ll only bring up Chicago cause thats where our black POTUS was from.

And ya’ll obviously want to avoid discussing racial disparities in the context of police violence.

In fact I don’t have to assume.

I threw a rock and the dog yelped I must be right!

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Seven children killed in Chicago in the last 2 weeks.

Maybe we should discuss Palm Beach or Pierre SD instead?