DNC moves to change debate rules to exclude Tulsi Gabbard


I guess the idea of young, energetic woman of color on the same stage as two aging white guys is too much for the DNC.

Perhaps she may ask hard questions like “What day is it?” and “When did you meet a Communist dictator you didn’t like?”

If the DNC changes the rules to exclude Tusli, does it remove any pretense of fairness to the Democrats presidential selection process?

Or do the ends justify the means?

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The DNC wants your vote. They don’t want your opinion on who you want to vote for.


She obviously has the best grasp on the issues at hand and will make Biden appear even dumber than he does now.


They should pull an RNC and just cancel primaries and debates all together and roll with Biden


Then why did the republicans cancel most of their primaries? Worry about your own house


Because our candidate won 4 years ago. Do try and keep up. :wink:


Already did, now I’m laughing at your pathetic pool of losers taking turns being losers.



So republicans with other opinions should not get an opportunity to share theirs? I think the gop was scared of trump having to defend his record and actually go on the debate stage with a track record he would have to defend

Well see. Only a couple more months.

Get rid of another woman?


This thread is about Democrats and their hatred of any candidates not old, rich, white, and male.

I accept your flailing defeat.



Ya mean…I’m an illegal democralien? :sunglasses:

That’s right, get all your hopes and dreams waaaaaaaay up there!


I remember during the 2008 Republican primaries there was a debate featuring John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul. All except for Paul had won some primaries. He looked out of place, and the other candidates were basically laughing at him. It was pretty much a waste of everyone’s time.

Trump Jung Un shall not have to deal with the “un-loyals”.

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Nor shall In Coherent Joe

Biden isn’t the nominee. And neither him nor others in DNC have declared that there will be no more primary debates.

How many delegates has she won? Does the math add up? Does she even have a campaign going? Does she visit any states? I’ve not seen hide nor hair of her. Has she just been laying on the beach all this time?

I hope she makes it on the stage. Just in time to torpedo Biden.

Definitely get rid of her, but also keep her around in case she’s useful for garnering votes as an assistant to the nominee.

She will be paid 0.70 for every dollar her man boss makes.