DNC CHAIR: Republicans Must ‘Pay a Price’ for Kavanaugh Confirmation | Sean Hannity

Chair of the Democratic National Committee Tom Perez raised eyebrows across the country Sunday; saying Republican lawmakers must “pay a price” for confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court.

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Keep it up, Perez the Ugly. Your viciousness is exactly what we need to defeat you and your kind.

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Good lord you guys are grasping. Pay a price obviously means voting during the midterms lol. It’s not like he’s Sarah Palin saying “don’t retreat, reload and aim” and pulling out a map with crosshairs painted over Democratic districts lol.

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Lol, Make the Republican pay by every Democrat donating three dollars? Sounds like the Democrats are the ones being asked to pay.

Lefties are in total meltdown…This is actually amusing.
“We must not allow”.( what? A good economy with low unemployment…
“Ok, everybody give me three dollars…or more”.
Then these people have the nerve to mention bi-partisanship…
I have two choice words for this guy and they are not Merry Christmas