DNC Caucus Call - "Don't say socialism ever again"

Remarks quoted from Representative Abigail Spanberger (D) and posted by a Washington Post Congressional reporter. We’ve been told “Democrats aren’t Socialists!” ad nauseum in this forum, but it’s clear that the party itself now believes that it is Socialist and woke progressivism hurt them this election cycle. While I’d love to believe there’s a burgeoning movement of Democrats that wish to boot the Justice Democrats and the Bernie cult out of the party, I won’t hold my breath.

NSFW warning - if you follow all the tweets, they do turn rather profane.

And another lie - there was never any intention to “heal the nation,” but people bought into anyway. Our national discourse won’t be calming down over the next two years.

What you’re saying has little to do with what you’re quoting

Democratic caucus members telling other caucus members that “socialism” and “defund the police” hurt them this election cycle. It’s not a difficult read.

They devoted the Trump supporters too.

Just enough mail in for the win.

Their “mandate” depends entirely on two runoff Senate races in Georgia. If they don’t win both of those, no mandate.
Just stalemate, or maybe actually have to compromise.

Wow, that picture looked to me like a person mooning the camera at first :rofl:


Record turnout for the Democrats and Republicans so people came out to vote and ‘socialism’ (whatever that means nowadays) didn’t scare people away from the party. I think this had more to do with “defund the police” than any “socialism” personally

“defund the police” is a bad slogan, even I don’t like it.


It’s not an inaccurate metaphor for this week.

That isn’t what some caucus members actually said on that call. It’s a problem, and there’s palpable fear that they’re going to get demolished in 2022.

Yep. A terrible slogan for which basically means budget reform.

Indeed! :wink:


2022 is a long way away.

I am more concerned with a McConnell led Senate standing in the way of Covid relief and prolonging the economic recession

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And that’s the opposite scenario that could lead to a Senate flip.

Yep. GOP control of the Senate… austerity and prolonged economic recovery.

Dem control of Senate… huge bailout and faster recovery.

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I have seen Democrats win and lose. The GOP called them all socialists. I do think they need new leadership though, but I have thought that for a while.

2022 is going to be an interesting election.

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“And talked to my boss, the mayor, everything was fine, and come to find out a couple days before this election, the city council had a special meeting — not their normally scheduled meeting, but a special meeting — and they voted to defund the police department, including my job,” he said.

Guess it depends on which side of that slogan you sit on as to the meaning.


I personally was surprised to find out that the NYPD yearly budget is in the Billions.

As an NYC taxpayer I think that maybe we can look at how that money can be more effectively used.

I don’t know why some municipal budgets are sacrosanct.

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Doesn’t change anything I said.

Its not just a bad slogan, its a bad idea.
And maybe it should bother you that many in your party favor that idea.