DNA test backfires on Warren

Two months after releasing the results of a DNA test designed to prove she was part Native American, Elizabeth Warren is fighting the firestorm the test stirred up.
Native Americans don’t like it. They say it was laughable.
Progressive activists don’t like it. They say the test is racist in nature.
The garden variety lefties don’t like it. They say she played into Trump’s hands.
The whole thing is hilarious.
“What a tangled web we weave…”

Her doing the DNA test was stupid on an epic level.

The whole issue is stupid on an epic level.

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She was stupid to believe her family’s stories

Why am I, as a liberal, supposed to be a huge fan of Warren? Will someone on the right please remind me.


Who said you were? I must have missed that.

I really don’t understand what the big deal is.

She said her grandmother told her she had native american ancestry in her past.

The DNA test shows she does.


10 generations back.
The average American has more Indian blood than she does.

Her family lied to her. They made it seem like it was a grandmother or something. It happened when dinosaurs still roamed the earth alongside humans, therefore it doesn’t count.

Does she not have a native american ancestor?

Again, the entire deal is because… why again?

I doubt her family ever told her that. When she got called out on it, that was the only excuse she could come up with. I think the WSJ interviewed several of her relatives who had never heard that.

The coverage of Warren, and the resulting backlash from the right, is couched in this assumption that liberals support her. I don’t get it. She’s a somewhat popular liberal politician, but I’m not getting all broken up over her DNA test.

The article is talking about the backlash from the Native Americans and the left.

If she wins the Dem nomination for president in 2019, every lib WILL support her.

Nonetheless, the furor over her ancestry is a waste of time. But that’s the tenor of today’s political arena. It’s what we have become. (And it will only continue to escalate.) Anything someone can use against an opponent becomes a mountain, no matter how petty, no matter how juvenile, no matter now subject to criticism of unhinge-ment the charge might be.

Our political culture no longer cares so much about issues and philosophies. Instead it devolves into seeking any opportunity to attack the person. The politics of personal destruction.

Warren will face her ancestry in a presidential run. Booker will have to answer for Spartacus, and his admission to sexual assault in college. Etc. There isn’t a candidate out there who will not face such things – regardless of party.

And the stronger the person’s candidacy and polling, the more vicious will be the attacks.

Both party’s nominees will carry those into the general election, and both sides will say to the voters of the other, “How can you vote for THAT???”

Republicans will attack her. They wouldn’t vote for her anyway.
This article says she is being devoured by her own- various Democrat, liberal, lefty pinkos.

No it doesn’t.

She’s not a High Priestess anymore?

she was never high in this liberals 2020 list to begin with.

Beto went past her like she was standing still.


It does and you know it.

Warren shared the results of her DNA test with the Boston Globe which was conducted by a Stanford researcher. “The results strongly support the existence of an unadmixed Native American ancestor,” the researcher said in a summary of Warren’s ancestry findings, adding that the ancestor was likely in her genealogy “in the range of 6-10 generations ago.”

"Warren’s results show that she possibly ranges from 1/32nd Native American to 1/512th Native American. The results could temper attacks from President Donald Trump in the upcoming 2020 presidential elections, where Warren is seen as a likely candidate.

The Boston Globe later clarified “due to a math error, a story about Elizabeth Warren misstated the ancestry percentage of a potential 10th generation relative. It should be 1/1,024.”

she’s most likely between 1/32nd and 1/1024th Native American


Not according to the last newsletter.