Diwali. a holiday for Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains

in a tweet today trump said, Today, we gathered for Diwali, a holiday observed by Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains throughout the United States & around the world. Hundreds of millions of people have gathered with family & friends to light the Diya and to mark the beginning of a New Year.

I wonder what he forgot…

Many, many people are not aware that Hindus celebrate Diwali. Many.

also the actual holiday was 5 days ago

He tweeted about it earlier and left Hindus off. so then he corrects the tweet…by leaving them off again.

I’m sure that in the past, there was someone whose job at the WH was to make sure things like this don’t happen. Someone who understood protocol, and who made sure holidays were properly observed.

Where is that person now?

There is a reasonably good chance that he thinks they all are the same.

He thinks they’re all Muslims.

well hes trying

sort of

Maybe there’s hope then that he’ll show up at Arlington on the 16th.