Divided along party lines

More and more we are getting votes in the House and Senate that are divided purely along party lines.

I wonder how it would sit with people if passage of a bill or other Congressional vote required at least SOME yay votes from both major parties. Perhaps requiring at least 5% (to pick a number) of the yay votes must come from each side of the political aisle.

To me, the party polarization on votes is not healthy.


Now that Democrats are in power.


I’d rather have three parties.

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I think the two party system is broken. There is never a good reason for the minority party to give a win to the majority party. If they do, they are likely to never have control again.


It’s absolutely contributed to the outright hatred so many have right now. I don’t know how we get out of this mess.

The Democrats have now offered bills that have the approval of the majority of Americans. And I don’t think that they can keep up ignoring the polls just to keep the Democrats from getting a win. At some point the voters ( I hope). will get fed up and start voting some of those guys out.

Packing the Supreme Court and making D.C. a state are not popular proposals. Anything with stimulus cash is always going to be a winner.


I’d like to see even more than that.

Political parties in the House should run the ideological gamut. The House is supposed to be a nut house with moderates and extremists on every issue arguing the merits of their positions and the older members finding compromises.

Then whatever craziness comes out of it goes to a reformed Senate appointed by the various state legislatures who fix the unworkable parts and temper the ideological fervor that the house is supposed to have into good policy.


The more regulations and restrictions on them (and the fewer on us), the better.


No matter how many political parties you have, it always ends up being two coalitions that actually win and a bunch of also-rans and jokes.

Australia has ranked choice voting and literally anyone capable of filling out a simple form can start a legit party and it still boils down to center left Labour and the (conservative) Liberals. Germany has proportional representation and the strongest green political movement on Earth and it still boils down to the same two basic coalitions.

You’re probably right about that. We may as well throw our hands up and move on to more worthy ventures.

The CEC bought in the modern day party line vote…
God forbid if any Republican compromised on anything…They’re instantly branded a RINO and primaried out of office after the CEC goes to town on them. It’s all or nothing.

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And democrats have compromised on anything lately?


The opposite is where the Democrats are headed, saying that a minority stopping the majority is undemocratic.

““Hopefully at some point in time, the people themselves will say to the United States Senate … it is undemocratic [and] it is un-American to have the minority hold the majority hostage,” Hoyer said of the filibuster.”

This after relying desperately on the filibuster when Republicans held Congress and the executive.

Their view is that 51% of the electorate can drag 49% further and further to the left without any consideration whatsoever, using a second grade view of democracy that 51% has absolute power.

Democrats want to add two more Senat…I mean add another state out of a Democrat city with every single Republican voting against it. Now they want to get rid of the filibuster so they can have their two lousey seats. And the Dems are just two seats from loosing control of the House.
And all this in an election where they told us get Biden in there and nothing will happen. Everything will be peaceful for four years. He’s a uniter, not a divider like Trump.
Sorry, this is political war.

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I mean, it’s just the way politics always work. Gotta move within the framework.

I’ve already moved on. My paramotor was delivered today. This is a more worthy venture.

i’ve said for a long time that laws passed on a federal level should have the support of more than 50% + 1. I am a firm believer in requiring any legislation to require 3/5 in both houses. anything with less support than that should not be federal law.


A simple answer is to bring back the Fairness Doctrine and wait about 12 years.

regulating speech is not the answer

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Could make it go into effect five or ten years after it passed to ameliorate that problem. Not that Democrats would be interested since it is far easier to import new voters.