Disturbing racially motivated beatings/robberies happening in Ilhan Omar's district

There has been a number of mob beatings happening in Minneapolis. Some very disturbing assaults, a number of them happening in broad daylight! These are some really sick people here.

Yep. This is awful. And?

Alright. Now imagine a video like that but the thugs were white and the victim was black. Would that also be a local news thing?
It will be interesting to see if this winds up on the front page of CNN, MSNBC.


Here is another:


Absolute thuggery by people who show by their actions they are somewhat less than human.

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If it was a robbery? Probably not. If it was racially motivated, then probably yes.

I love these, “What if it were white people doing this to black people.” hypothetical questions. Of course it would be different. You just can’t ignore hundreds of years of racism and be like, “I wonder why this is different for white people?” Get a clue.


I hope they get caught.

Not seeing anything about it being racially motivated.

Ask the person being stomped if he sees those nuances.

Do you have a point?

The question we should be asking is why does FoxNews consider this to be a national story?

Yes. Hypocrisy and one sided outrage. I made it.

So they’re equal opportunity beaters?


Why was jussie smollett?


For the same reason some guy in East Texas killing his family becomes a national story. It shocks the conscience of those who have one.

It’s news. Not all news is necessarily a “national story” and that goes for news on any network.

I am referencing the link provided in the OP.

The vast majority of violence in high crime areas is intra-race, if you were not aware.

Is this real hypocrisy or hypothetical “what if white people” hypocrisy?

True. This story also scares a bunch of white people.

A robbery? Check out the going back and stomping on the victim while he was lying on the ground. That went beyond robbery and that alone should make it national news.


Because they are downplaying that aspect. It’s likely not coincidence that the mobs involved are all young black men and that the victims are white.