Disrespecting the anthem

the left didnt condemn kaapernick. the hyporitical right did…

will Trump follow the advice he gave NFL and fire himself for disrespecting the anthem.


Um… Trump is the one who made this argument. Pay attention.


Of course it’s freedom of speech.

One was a football player who engaged in an activity at great risk to himself in an attempt, right or wrong, to bring light to an issue. It ended his career and cost him millions of dollars.

The other is a thoughtless jag-off who was trying to get some laughs. The other said the football player should be fired. The other was elected partially because he convinced a bunch of people that this was a pearl clutching tragedy.


I wonder what it had to do with then?? Hmmm

Sometimes I really wonder what some of you are seeing when you read posts here…seriously.


that settles it he hates america


Have you seen anyone here defending him to be able to say it’s hypocritical?

Now. Let’s see some hypocrisy… pick one option from the following.
A) Colin K should have kept his opinions out of the National Anthem and not made a mockery of it.
B) Trump is allowed to do what he wants during the anthem.

Both or neither cannot be true to avoid hypocrisy.

(No argument on Trump being a hypocrite. That’s not new.)

Yeah but saying “I don’t care if my guy practices what he preaches” doesn’t immunize you against mockery when you vigorously defend what he preaches and then say, oh, well, that’s our moron.


The hypocrite here is Trump.

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True. No argument.

But everyone dissing him for it that was ok with the NFL doing it are as well.

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What did Trump have to say about football players who knelt? And yet here he is doing a little dance, and yet -


Other than being such a piece of ■■■■ hypocrite and putting on display that America elected a child as it’s leader, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what Trump did there during the anthem.

Be proud republicans/cons, be proud.


People “dissing“ his hypocrisy… is this really that hard of a concept for people?

Kap hates America for disrespecting the anthem… so Trump disrespecting the anthem means what now?

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You do realize that your post is the first one in the thread to use the word disgrace, right?

The disgrace is how easily Trump manipulated so many in this country over this issue when he has always been full of ■■■■ about it. ORANGE MAN GOOD!


Locker room talk
Seriously, not literally
Whatabout Obama/Clinton/Biden
What now libz love the flag?
Policy not person
Eat your Trump peas are cool


As far as I can see, no one is dissing Trump for dancing around like an idiot during the anthem.

On the other hand, many people are dissing Trump for pretending to care about the anthem on twitter, but then dancing around like an idiot during the anthem in private.