Disrespecting the anthem

I totally predicted this, btw. Libs are so easy.

I was wondering if that was Baron to the President’s left. The Trump family has done a good job of keeping him out of the spotlight (as they should) and given that young men grow so fast at his age… I couldn’t tel. But you are correct, he seemed to be taking his cues from his mother.

He knows he has 5th Avenue immunity.

But hey - I voted for policy not the person!

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Kaepernick’s protest was not directed at the anthem… that was a right wing attempt to distract from the issue he wanted to call attention to. The hypocrisy come from Donald Trump who pretends the kneeling was a big deal but cannot comport himself properly.

King Donald has a divine right to dance a little jig during the anthem. No one grabs that flag better than him.

I guess it’s safe to say that whoever’s shot the video and posted it won’t be invited back.

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This must be a fake video… I was told that you must stand and focus on the anthem. Apparently pretending to be a conductor and shaking hands is considered ok now.


This is how he sees all of this. It wasn’t some crazy off moment he was having. Donald Trump doesn’t respect anyone or anything. It’s all a waste of time between cheeseburgers and golf for him. He’s a big fake. I know you know this. You must know this.


He probably didn’t see the camera.

No…I am not saying that as an excuse.

Vile, seditious, traitorous sick freaks!

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All that’s got to happen, is a better candidate run, who’ll do what they say and work their butt off to get things that they promised they’d accomplish…done. No President has done that better than Trump. It’s a conundrum. You must know this?

From the angle, etc., it looks like the person filming is trying to do it without him noticing.

Its almost like his anthem rant had nothing to do with the anthem since he clearly doesn’t care about it.


i wonder when we can expect all the trumpers who were complaining about how kneeling is disrespecting the flag and unamerican to start condemning trump as unamerican…

Yeah. That does seem kinda obvious.

He’ll figure it out soon enough and that person will be never invited back again.

Just like the person who messed with the Presidential seal that one time was fired.

Of course it’s different, Kaepernick is a commie boot licking peace of dirt!

That was hilarious.

What’s the matter? I thought it was “freedom of speech” to you when Kaapernick did it. Oh wait, it’s only a disgrace when Republicans do it. Nevermind.

no one he is suggesting Trump can’t act like a buffoon, we are laughing at his hypocrisy.