Disgrace of rge FBI


This shows how pathetic our govt. has gotten. They both should have been locked up a long time ago.

Locked up? Why?

Locked up for sexting?

I all but accepted the corruption that lays in out top law enforcement…after all they are the law.

Beside everyone is afraid to hold em accountable.

For what crime?

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First off, what does “cold feet” even mean here?

Secondly, locked up for what? Infidelity? Having a personal relationship? What charges do you believe should be levied which land them in prison?

“Trump says.” LOLOLOLOLOL

How nice…you can even find the story on…RT!

Well yeah…where do you think Trump found out about the story. :rofl:

Someone stole their socks and shoes?


Manafort, he did nothing! Why is he in jail?!?

Page and Strzok, guilty of sexting, should be thrown under the dungeon!

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They exist.

Disgraced Sheriff Arpaio never really got held accountable for abusing his authority since he got a complete pardon from Trump.



Then let the next democrat president pardon the criminals at CoJ and FBI.

What’s the crime again?

Love pugs.

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Being Democrats.

They both should have been locked up a long time ago.

Trust me, pal, people are going to be locked up. The only issue you are going to have is that it will be people from the Trump campaign and perhaps the Trump administration.

Remember when our host was yelling that the IG report was going to cause people to get locked up? Remember when he’d have drunk Gregg Jarrett on his show and Jarrett would start breathing hard as he fantasized about “the crimes of Comey”? It was a strange type of right-wing porn, for sure.

Then the IG report was released, and what happened?

Do you recall?


Do you?

Right, nothing of the sort happened and the right-wing nutters all cried like little bitch boys that got turned down for the prom.

Meanwhile, who is cooling his heels in solitary confinement right now?

C’mon you know. Say it with me…



The Trump campaign chairman.

Who else is getting ready to go to jail?

Michael Cohen.

So this whole thing is going to end with people in jail, but you’re not going to like who it is.

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Trump needs to start a pardon spree. These Deep State actors are putting our country in danger by going after our President. I don’t care if he, or people associated with him, are guilty of crimes a mile long. By investigating these potential illegal acts we’re jeopardizing Trump’s agenda of Making America Great Again.