Discrimination at customs


this article is about a woman who was fined for innocently bringing an apple through customs.

And yet I recently was caught bringing an apple from Taiwan - even less innocent than her since mine was definitely from the country whereas her’s was from Delta airlines- but I was NOT fined.

Shut down customs for a day and give sensitivity training! We know what’s going on here. It needs to stop.

I saw that article on Fox’s website coming home from Logan. That agent deserves the stupidity prize!

I don’t even think it’s about origin or color of the people where the apple was grown, but just plain stupidity.

It was in a Delta Airline bag, for Pete’s sake! Could he not read?

The poor lady even asked could she throw it out, or eat it, to which she got “no” and the $500 fine. It’s next to impossible to lose a federal job, but I do hope he becomes the laughing stock of his coworkers.

This was messed up. I wonder why she was not allowed to simply discard it? Normally customs officers will seize and allow someone to abandon the illegal goods. There has to be something we don’t know about.