Disband the DEA

Big government cowboys never learn:

The Drug Enforcement Administration laundered tens of millions of dollars in the course of drug trafficking investigations over the past decade without complying with laws governing such operations, according to a newly released review from the Justice Department’s in-house watchdog.

In some cases, the financial transactions handled by the DEA facilitated the purchase of aircraft by drug trafficking organizations, but the DEA apparently showed little interest in determining just how the aircraft were used until auditors asked about the issue.

When was the DEA founded? Early 70’s? And things only ever get worse?

I think it’s time to pull the plug on this one.


Pie in the sky thought:

Instead of all this rigmarole of generations of thousands of secret agent men doing secret things with secret money and secret plans of arming this one to secretly take on that one and doing god knows what from Latin America to Los Angeles…

It might have been cheaper and more peaceful in the end if the DEA’s original mandate had just been to corner the drug market and regulate it.

Alas, we’ll always choose the action film over the documentary.

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Well that would be a stupid overreaction.

If anyone committed crimes prosecute them.

This is another example of people like Comey, Strozk, McCabe and others who believe they are above the law. They need to be tried for the criminal acts they’ve committed, just like anyone and everyone should be. This two tier system of justice has been all to prevalent for a long time and what’s now being investigated by IG Durham will expose this even more.

Let me share something with you OP. When you see something that is wrong going on at the ground level…you’re not seeing the actual problem. This is the symptom of the problem. If you want to see the actual problem, look up. Go to the very top. Who is in charge? Now focus…that’s the problem…period.

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End it

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creating it in the the first place was big government, stupid overreaction. Hippies smoked Pot, so Nixon left us with a 5 decade legacy of this nonsense that has never made anything better.

If we are going to shrink the government I say we start with these cowboy agencies. We have the FBI.

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What about ATF ?

I can’t argue to keep them.

I’m going to remake this thread at some point but put “FAST AND FURIOUS PART 2” in the title and you’ll watch those flies to come to the honey.

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Right after the ATF.

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2 Fast 2 Furious

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First one to go.

You can change the title, just edit the OP. It’s a good premise.

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It’s “2 Fast 2 Furious”

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