Director of Judicial watch banned from FNC appearances for anti-semitic remarks

Not a bad start, but maybe don’t book these kooks in the first place.

Head of Judicial Watch getting shadow banned? Say it isn’t so.

Deep state

He appears to be the “director”, not the Head so to speak, so my bad on that one.

Lou Dobbs should probably watch himself. He’s got a history of spreading this Soros nonsense as well.

Why not Lou Dobbs as well?

Dobbs has been blowing dog whistles for a while. He fits right in with Trump; a terrible person.

Here’s a tip. “Dog Whistle” is a new leftist mantra.
Any time you hear it, you’re listening to horse ■■■■.

In this case, Dobbs decided the “dog whistles” he was blowing were inappropriate, and went back and deleted them from Twitter.

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More likely he was told to cut that ■■■■ out by FNC execs.

He’ll be back at it within a month or two, maybe just a week or two.

Was there really much of a hint as to how bat **** crazy Dobbs was until his run at Fox? I seem to remember him over at CNN growing up and he just came off as a normal guy.

I have been wondering the same lately. Out of nowhere he seems to be running for top Trump boot licker