DIRECT PRIMARY CARE: The ‘Freedom-Based Solution’ for America’s Healthcare Crisis

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Millions of Americans continue to struggle under the rising costs and bureaucratic mess spawned by the Affordable Care Act -better known as Obamacare- with no end in sight. Despite Congress’s inaction on solving the escalating crisis, doctors across the country are calling for a better system: Direct Primary Care.

The simple solution is a “Netflix-style” model that seeks to open the US healthcare market to “American innovation” and freedom; not burdensome regulations and skyrocketing premiums.

“Most have binged on Netflix a weekend or two. It’s time to bring this free market model to medicine,” writes the network.

“Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a subscription health care plan between you and your doctor - regular check ups, chronic disease care, sick visits, in-office tests, stitches, and more all at no extra cost,” adds the organization.

Direct Primary Care programs provide direct access to doctors, includes pre-existing conditions, a pay-for-what-you-need model, and lower costs at approximately $60 per month.

If you want choices and solutions for America’s healthcare system, contact Josh Umbehr, M.D. of Atlas MD here.

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I’m all for it…but it cuts out too many middlemen.

But I fully support this concept.

It doesn’t cover hospitalization or specialists.