Difference between Trump and Biden in two videos

Duds? It’s not their fault. They never had a chance.


Hey welcome back to the thread.

Are “black jobs” defined as “uneducated and unskilled”?

They are defined as jobs black people gravitate to, among other things.

I never left, you were ob Honesty Watch™

Do white people gravitate to those same jobs? Or are they exclusive (or majority) to black people?

No, they don’t. You can really see it clearly in the military, too.

Because ‘repeal obamacare’ was a rallying cry for your party for 8 years. now, no-one seems to care about it.

Lol. Ok. Sure.

The system your ilk has been running since reconstruction is possibly the greatest immiserating failure in US history.

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What the hell do I care what their rallying cry was? Besides, it’s not my party. It’s theirs. I’ll vote for them if it suits me. I don’t join teams unless it’s sports. You do know I’m pro choice and pro union, right? What do you think “my party” would think of that?



LOL, It always amazes me when people tell me what I should care about.

Glad I didn’t?