Didn't the libs in Portland want to defund the police?

What a mess:

“I’ve lived here 32 years and this is the worst I’ve seen Portland,” Tylicki said. “We need more police. We need more police on the streets, it’s getting worse.”

Mr. Tylicki,
What you need is irrelevant. What you have chosen is at hand.

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From the link:

“We have a crime problem that’s out of control,” he said. “For the first time in Portland, I don’t feel safe. It’s scary.”

They insurrected a federal building again.

I think that they just wanted to stop getting tear gassed first.

This is coming from Hardesty? She wants Wheeler’s job. She was also claiming the police set fire to their own precincts until Wheeler asked her for evidence and she backed down. She’s a loon and not much better than Wheeler, if not in fact, worse.

And you know he’s “chosen” it how exactly? Oh that’s right. You don’t.

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They riot like the French do in Portland. Hard not to respect it.


Portland’s “leaders” restrained their police department from doing their primary function of enforcing law and order. Then systematically villianized, marginalized and supported efforts to strip the police department of funding to enable them to function. The ranks depleted from injuries, early retirements and those who just quit there are not enough LEOs on the streets to protect the citizenry. What could go wrong?
There’s an old saying: “ You made your bed, now go lie in it”.

The Portland police tear gassed whole neighborhoods.

That tends to not win people to your side.

Libs made their bed and due to their poor choice of voting and decision making, lying in it is tough? No ■■■■ sherlock.

Let them wallow in the filth they’ve made.

“Tear gassing” is a dispersal tactic. The mobs were active in “neighborhoods”. When dispersal is resisted those participating in civil unrest are contained, restrained, arrested and held for processing; civil unrest is criminal activity. When Portland and other leaders decided it in their best political interest to allow the mobs to prevail over a gelded law enforcement agency, the ensuing deaths, destruction and pillaging were also their decision. Playing nice worked out well though didn’t it?

People who lived in those neighborhoods got gassed… sometimes on a nightly basis.

They don’t make gas masks for babies.

That tends to radicalize people.


The Portland Mayor has everything under control and he’s said so…over and over and over and over…

I was referring to Tylicki, who has nothing to do with the police bureau. Not sure who you’re going on about.

Yes. I’m sure the droves of people coming to Portland to counter protest (armed) have absolutely nothing to do with this.

Sorry got that mixed up