Did you ever think?

Just an easy question. I’ve lived under, (I guess would be the correct word), eleven Presidents. I know there are probably many out there who have been around longer than myself but I’m just curious. Did you ever think taxpayer funded mouthpieces would be fighting for the rights of Foreigners over The Rights of American Citizens? How could WE, and I do mean WE allow things to get here? Some people are offended by my use of the term WE allowed but correct me if I’m wrong, this is OUR country, period. What happens here is OUR responsibility. The majority of Citizens just sit around and watch the Media and those in government try and destroy OUR President. We watch our Congressional leaders put Foreigner’s Rights and ILLEGAL ALIEN’s Rights above OUR own. Did you ever think YOU would allow this to happen in America? Well my friends. You, me and millions of others are doing just that. I guess the question should be this. What are WE going to do about it?


Irony alert.


I tried to edit the article folks. It should read, I guess “under” would be the correct word.

What rights are you referring to? The inalienable rights given by our creator?

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No. They want to help them become Americans. Not build a wall or deport them. The GOP is the only thing keeping them illegal because they’ve been convinced they bring disease, crime, murder, they’re rapists, although some I assume are good people.


Honestly, I never thought we would hav3 a president investigated for being compromised by the Russians.


Here we go again.

I’ve never heard a Republican called a Racist. This is the very first time ever.

The Democrat Politicians could care less about the illegals that are murders, and
have a Criminal record. That’s why they have Sanctuary Cities!!!

Unfortunately it’s all about votes, and this corruption and evil on the Democratic
Politicians part is sick! We don’t need or want Sanctuary Cities Democratic Politicians!

So stop forcing things on the American People that we don’t want!!!
Stop caring about what others think more than Americans do!
Stop trying to support everyone else in the world, but American citizens!

Huh? I was repeating what Trump said about immigrants

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I was referring to this.

Ahh. Typo. I meant to type rapists not racists. I’ll fix.

So you also believe these are rights of foreigners/illegals?

That’s the first time I’ve seen a typo that flows so well with the rest of the sentence.

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No. I would of never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined witnessing the President of the United States putting Russia’s interests above those of the United States

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They do it for votes, regardless of the damage it does. All one has to do is glance at the 1984 President map


You will never see this again, the flood gates were opened up to the third world to come in and they vote - left. They will never give that up, so now what we have is the United States of the Balkans, two sides that loathe each other. At this point it might be better to talk about splitting the country up rather than everyone on each side pushing their agenda down the other sides throat.

I’m all for letting the South try to form their own country and watching them fail just as spectacularly as the last time

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If you take Trump and the rest of his garbage administration we’d even give you money to leave.

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Interesting theory. I would surmise that “they” in your statement is referencing Democrats.

One needs to look at what was going on leading up to the 1984 Presidential election.

Misery index declined a lot.
Interest rates began falling
Inflation decreased.
Americans began feeling better about job stability
Walter Mondale was probably the worst candidate one could throw out there at the time. Mondale was Carter’s VP. The memory of the Carter Administration was still fresh enough in American’s lives that Mondale had zero chance.
At that particular time, Reagan looked like he had solved all of America’s woes.

I always find in fascinating when Americans throw out the idea of splitting the US into a Democrat America and a Republican America. One can understand the frustration of both sides being pigheaded; however, we cannot get past this when people blame one side for what is going on with partisan politics.

Some people like visuals better than numbers. This picture is the approximate number of asylum seekers (from all over the world) that are granted asylum in the US each year…

States are not charged to enforce federal law


And democrats want to allow, for example, the entire caravan coming in to be granted amnesty since they’re all just looking for better lives, are oppressed, are all just women and children, have no ties to gangs or crime…

Why bother getting?